WRH by the Numbers

Statistics April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018

Approximate Annual Budget $503 million
Number of Inpatient Days 86,537
Number of Acute Inpatient Discharges 29,553
Number of ED Visits 112,315
Number of Ambulance Arrivals 32,828
Number of Admissions via ED 15,899
Number of Births 3,601
Average Adult Acute Medical/Surgical Length of Stay (days) 5.4
Number of Acute Beds 500
Number of Acute Adolescent Psychiatry Beds 6
Number of Acute Adult Psychiatry Beds 68
Number of Bassinets 20
Number of Private Rooms 152
Percentage of Inpatient Beds ALC (overall rate) 9.1%
Total Number of Radiology Procedures 305,480
Number of MRI Scans 23,709
Number of CT Scans 82,096
Number of Interventional Radiology Procedures 4,542
Number of Lab Tests 3,174,432
Number of Units of Blood Transfused 12,100
Number of Operating Rooms 21
Number of Hip Fractures Repaired 400
Number of Elective Hip Replacements 371
Number of Elective Knee Replacements 855
Number of Regional Cancer Centre Visits 69,777
Number of Chemotherapy Visits (Adult) 34,427
Number of Radiation Visits (Adult)  34,083
Number of Haemodialysis Treatments 44,416
Number of Outpatient Endoscopies Performed 7,771
Number of Outpatient Cataract Procedures Performed 5,077
Number of Ontario Breast Screening Program Visits 11,674
Number of Sleep Lab Visits 1,433
Number of Fracture Clinic Visits 24,563
Staff Members 3,873
Nurses* 1,855
Support Services* 1,041
Allied Health Professionals* 620
Physicians 542
Medical Students in Windsor 152
Board of Directors** 21
Volunteers (Includes Met and Ouellette Campus) 968
Volunteer Hours (both campuses)  96,440