From the Desk of Dr. Wassim Saad, Chief of Staff.

Dr. Wassim Saad

When I took over the role of Chief of Staff, I had an idea but did not truly appreciate the awesome responsibility charged to the position.

The Chief of Staff is accountable to the Board for supervising and overseeing, through and with the Medical Advisory Committee, the quality of clinical care provided by the Professional Staff to all patients in the Corporation. That is a big deal and such a broad concept that it made me wonder how do you improve quality?

Well, I've had some time to think about it and have come up with a plan to implement over my term as Chief of Staff. Some of these are quick fixes, others will take a massive culture change, but in my opinion, all are necessary to get to the next level when it comes to the quality of the care we deliver to our patients.

Through regular reports, I will attempt to outline this plan for improving care and our progress in moving forward together.

It is my goal to make these reports regular and focused, with input from Professional Staff members.

If you have any questions or ideas for future newsletters, please share them to with me at wassim.saad@wrh.on.ca.