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Windsor Regional Hospital has support for Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Metis, and urban Indigenous) patients and families. From policies to support smudging and ceremony to staff supporting patients, there are supports to improve the care for Indigenous patients and families during their journey with the hospital.

Below, you will find information for the Indigenous Transition Facilitator (non-cancer patients) and the Indigenous Patient Navigator (Cancer). Both roles support patients in making an informed decision about the care received. The Facilitator and Navigator can act as a liaison and advocate between the care team, the patient, and your family. The Indigenous Transition Facilitator and Indigenous Patient Navigator (Cancer) are able to provide information on treatment and support that is available to you as well as options to facilitate cultural supports such as smudging and ceremony.





Are there supports for Indigenous patients and families?

Yes, Indigenous patients and families can be supported by the Indigenous Transition Facilitator (non-cancer patients) or Indigenous Patient Navigator (Cancer). Please see above for referral information.

What can the Navigator or Transition Facilitator do for me?

  • Answer questions about what to expect with upcoming appointments or tests
  • Support a patient at clinic visits (attends with patient/family)
  • Introduce a patient to healthcare providers
  • Find more information about cancer and treatment
  • Connect a patient/family with spiritual support, as well as support in the community
  • Assist with applications for financial and transportation services
  • Advocate with and for a patient/family to equitably and rightfully conduct ceremonial practices and alternative options as expressed by the patient/family. Some examples are: smudging, cedar bath, pipe ceremony, qulliq/kudlik.

Can ceremony (ex: smudging) be provided for an Indigenous patient?

Yes, this is supported by the Indigenous Practice Protocol (policy). Please speak to a staff member to support the facilitation of the requested and appropriate ceremony.



Laura Meloche Indigenous Transition Facilitator
Laura Meloche
Phone: 519-254-5577 ext. 32885
Louise Cervini Indigenous Patient Navigator (Cancer)
Louise Cervini
Office: 519-254-5577 ext. 58504
Cell: 519-995-1469
Shannon White Indigenous Projects Coordinator
Shannon White
Phone: 519-254-5577 ext. 58733