Organ and Tissue Donation

Organ and Tissue Donation at Windsor Regional Hospital

Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) is committed to providing end-of-life care that is both comprehensive and compassionate. This includes honouring a patient’s registered decision to donate organs and/or tissues after death by collaborating with the Trillium Gift of Life Network. We strive to ensure that the opportunity for donation is provided to all eligible families when end-of-life discussions occur.

Right now, there are more than 1,500 Ontarians waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant, and every three days, one of them dies while waiting. You can provide hope to those on the wait list by registering your consent for organ and tissue donation – one organ donor can save up to eight lives and enhance 75 more through tissue donation. More …

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WRH’s Organ and Tissue Donation Committee is comprised of key members of the health care team, including the Organ and Tissue Donation Coordinator and Hospital Donation Physician. The team works together to review organ and tissue donation processes and is committed to aligning WRH donation policies with best practice guidelines for donation in Ontario.

WRH has cultivated a culture of donation and is proud to demonstrate excellence in donor patient and family support and maximize opportunities to save and transform lives through organ and tissue donation.

Trillium Gift of Life Network is the Government of Ontario agency responsible for planning, promoting, coordinating and supporting organ and tissue donation and transplantation across the province and for continually improving the system so that more lives can be saved.

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For more information on Organ and Tissue Donation visit Trillium Gift of Life.

VIDEO: Donor-recipient Kaidyen Blair has a dream that everyone in Windsor-Essex registers to ”be a donor.” Here is his story.


Program Coordinator, Windsor Regional Hospital 
Stephanie MacDonald
519-254-5577, ext. 33421

If you have questions about organ and tissue donation, please contact:

Trillium Gift of Life Network at 1-800-263-2833 or

To register your consent to organ and tissue donation please visit