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Compassionate and professional help is available 24 hours a day.

The Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Center (SA/DVTC) is made up of three programs, Sexual Assault Program, SAFEKIDS Program and the Domestic Violence Program. The response team attends Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan and Ouellette campus. All services are confidential. In all programs, referrals are made to appropriate community agencies and public educational sessions are available.

The Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Center (SA/DVTC) for Windsor and Essex County is located at the Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus, 4th Floor East. The SA/DVTC is easily accessed through the Emergency Departments of Windsor Regional Hospital, Metropolitan and Ouellette Campuses.

Our services are available to all victims of sexual assault regardless of age or gender.

The Sexual Assault Treatment Center provides:

  • Medical assessment, testing for sexually transmitted infections, and psychological support of the victim. 
  • Collection of medico-legal evidence (forensic). 
  • Prophylaxis for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. 
  • Documentation of injuries. 
  • Referrals to community agencies. 
  • Follow up by the Clinical Nurse of the SA/DVTC. 
  • Community Education. 
  • Follow up by the Sexual Assault Nurse. 
  • Services to women and men. 
The Domestic Violence program provides:
  • Confidential medical treatment and psychological support to the victim of domestic violence. 
  • Testing and treatment for victims of domestic violence. 
  • Photographic documentation of injuries if the victim chooses. 
  • Referral to appropriate community agencies including Hiatus House. 
  • Follow up by the Domestic Violence Nurse to help the victim with any problems or concerns. 
  • Education to the community of the medical aspects of domestic violence.
The SAFEKIDS program provides: 
  • Medical examination, forensic evidence collection as needed and follow up. 
  • Referral to community agencies. 
  • Counselling referral for children and their caregiver(s). 


Specially trained Response Team Nurses or Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our regular office hours are:

Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



Frequently Used Phone Numbers:

Windsor Regional Hospital Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Center (SA/DVTC)
(519) 254-5577

Domestic Violence Program SAFEKIDS Program
(519) 255-2234

Hiatus House
(519) 252-7781

Windsor Police
(519) 255-6700

Victim Services of Windsor & Essex County
(519) 723-2711

Windsor Essex County Children’s Aid Society
(519) 252-1171

Sexual Assault Crisis Centre
(519) 253-3100

After Hours Crisis Line
(519) 253-9667

Crown Attorney’s Office
(519) 253-1104

Cab Company
(519) 256-2621

LaSalle Police Services
(519) 969-5210

Amherstburg Police Services
(519) 736-3622



What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is defined as any unwanted act of a sexual nature (i.e. kissing, fondling, oral or anal sex, intercourse or other forms of penetration) that is imposed on another person. Sexual assault is a crime of power and control.

What is Domestic Violence?

The result of an imbalance of power and control. It often begins with psychological, emotional and verbal abuse. It can escalate to abuse of property and pets as well as sexual and physical abuse.

What is the SAFEKIDS program?

SAFEKIDS is a program, which provides medical assessment of children suspected of being sexually abused or assaulted. SAFEKIDS is part of our community’s response to the needs of these children and their caregiver(s). The program provides the expertise of medical personnel trained in the area of child sexual abuse/assault, identifies medical problems requiring treatment and determines any further services which may be required.

Who can be referred to SAFEKIDS?

Any child suspected of being sexually abused or assaulted.

Who can be referred to the domestic violence program?

Any victim of domestic violence, 16 years of age or older, regardless of gender.

What does the Medical/Legal Exam Include?

The medical/legal exam includes photographs, medical intervention, documentation of medical findings such as physical injuries and collection of forensic evidence (where applicable).

How can I receive counselling?

Domestic Violence Program: The follow-up nurse can refer all female and male victims of domestic violence over the age of 16 years to Hiatus House or any other necessary community agencies.



Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Center (SA/DVTC)
Metropolitan Campus, 4th Floor
1995 Lens Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, N8W 1L9

Direct: 519-255-2234
Phone: (519) 254-5577 ext. 52234
Fax: (519) 985-2655