Patient & Visitor Information

Information to help you prepare for your stay or visit. If you have any questions while you are here, please ask. We're here to help!


Patient Information


Patient registration is located in the main lobby at the Met Campus and just inside the Goyeau Street entrance at Ouellette. Please have your health card and pertinent insurance information with you when you register.

During the admission process, you will be asked to provide information to ensure your file is accurate and up to date. Please let us know if you have any food, medication, or other allergies or sensitivities at this time so it can be included in your record.

What to bring with you?

  • Ontario Health Card and one additional piece of photo identification
  • Supplementary health insurance cards, information or policy numbers
  • If your matter is related to a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claim, bring your claim number and Social Insurance Number
  • Any medications you are currently taking, both prescribed and over-the-counter, in their original containers
  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
  • Personal aids (eyeglasses, hearing aid, walker, etc.)
Please leave all valuables, jewelry, and money at home, or with a loved one.

Discharge Planning

As a publicly-funded hospital, the role of Windsor Regional Hospital is to provide the highest level of care to patients who have a serious illness, disease or injury. Once a patient moves past the serious phase of their illness, they are ready to be discharged. Patients may be discharged home with or without help or to a bed in a healthcare facility that offers non-acute care services (i.e. a rehabilitation hospital or long-term care facility, etc.).

Responsibilities of Patient and Family

To make the discharge process as easy as possible, it would be helpful if you and/or your family would:

  • Bring in clothing that you can wear home;
  • Pack, remove and carry all of your personal items;
  • Fill prescriptions for medicine before or soon after your discharge;
  • Plan for any equipment delivery or changes to be finished at home, as told to you by the health care team;
  • Be available to receive important information and education for care before the discharge;
  • Tell the patient care unit of any problems, which may delay your discharge;
  • Arrange transportation;
  • If the patient is a baby or small child, have a certified car seat available. If you are not sure if your seat is certified, ask your nurse.

Discharge Instructions

When you are discharged, you will be given instructions to follow once you leave the hospital. You may also be given prescriptions for medicine and a follow-up appointment time with your doctor and/or other health care professionals. If you have not received any follow-up instructions or do not understand them please ask your nurse before you leave the unit.

Long-Term Care

Hospitals are responsible for providing care that meets the needs of the people living in the area that they are serving. Making sure that patients are discharged as soon as they no longer need an acute care bed is part of this responsibility.

It is the policy of Windsor Regional Hospital to transfer patients that are waiting for a bed in a long-term care facility to the first available bed, where their care needs can be safely met until a bed becomes available in their chosen facility.

To help patients and families during this difficult and stressful time, Windsor Regional Hospital's staff responsible for discharge and the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network caseworkers will work closely with patients and families to help them fill out forms, offer advice, answer questions and provide support.

For more information, please view the WRH Discharge Policy.

Language and Interpretation Services

It is important that you understand your care and treatment. If you, or a family member, require an interpreter, please let a member of your care team know. A video interpretation service called Language Line is available for patients as well as a video and phone service called WE-Speak translation services that offers an instant interpretation.


Patients enjoy room-service-style meals by ordering from the patient menu. Meal orders can be placed between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., 7 days a week, by dialing 4FOOD (ext. 43663) on your room phone.

Room Service Menus
Menus are planned by a team of registered dietitians, food service supervisors, and culinary experts and taste audited by Windsor Regional Hospital employees and patients.

There are specific delivery times for each unit so please ask your nurse for your specific meal delivery time or the operator when you place your order.

If you are placing an order from outside of the hospital, please call 519-254-5577, ext. 43663.

Visitor Guest Trays

Visitors can enjoy a meal with you in the hospital by purchasing guest tray meal vouchers and placing an order. The vouchers are available at both the Met and Ouellette Campuses in the Tim Hortons Kiosk, Cashiers Office, or Gift Shop.

Guest Trays are $8.00 (taxes included) and include one entree, one beverage, and three sides (potato, vegetable, soup, or dessert).

Specialty Items

As an added service to patients in our community, Windsor Regional Hospital offers the specialty menu items listed below for purchase through our Food Service Department. Orders can be called into Met Campus at 519-995-0125, Ouellette Campus at 519-995-1014, or by filling out the online order form.

For more information please call Food & Nutrition:

  • Met Campus - ext. 52031
  • Ouellette Campus - ext. 33162

Room Accommodations

At the time of your admission to the hospital, the best available accommodation is assigned. Staff will make every effort to provide you with your requested accommodation.

Standard inpatient accommodation is a Ward (4 beds). If you have semi-private or private coverage, or wish to request a semi-private or private room and pay the difference please let the admitting clerk know.

Patients are expected to know the type of preferred accommodation their supplemental insurance coverage allows, ie., ward, semi-private or private. Please check with your insurance company to confirm your preferred accommodation coverage before any inpatient admission. You will be required to sign a Responsibility for Payment form which summarizes the insurance information given and any specific requests for accommodation (semi-private or private). If you specifically requested a semi-private or private room and your supplemental insurance does not cover semi-private or private, you will be billed for the difference.

Television Services

TV Services During Your Stay - Bedside Technology

Connect with HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions through an easy-to-use device for patient in-room entertainment, information, and services at your bedside.

Check out our list of virtual activities you can enjoy from your bed HERE.

You can activate services available to rent by visiting ConnectMyBed upon your admission to set up your services.

Select Windsor Regional Hospital - Met Campus or Windsor Regional Hospital - Ouellette Campus, your bed location, and choose your desired service package.

Pay using Visa, MasterCard, Mastercard Debit, American Express, and Visa Debit.

Rental pricing (before tax):

  • Daily rental: $16.50
  • Weekly rental (Buy 5 days, get 2 days free): $82.50
  • Monthly rental (Buy 15 days, get 15 days free): $247.50

For patients who use your insurance to cover your stay in a private or semi-private room, your access to HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions' entertainment services will be free of charge for the duration of your stay. For more information about the Preferred Accommodation program, please speak to hospital admissions.

Patient TV services can be ordered ONLINE from HealthHub 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Order TV service online from HealthHub now.

Learn more about ordering television services here.


Monday to Friday: 8:30 am EST to 10:00 pm EST

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 10:30 am to 9:00 pm EST

After hours please call switchboard "0" for assistance.


Patients are responsible for fees related to transportation to and from the hospital. Before leaving the hospital, patients and/or their families are required to complete a DISCHARGE MODE OF TRANSPORTATION form to assist in planning for discharge. Windsor Regional Hospital will assist in making arrangements to utilize the services of a local non-urgent transportation company or provide patients and their families with the names and numbers to make those arrangements if needed.

Medical Non-Urgent transportation services have stretcher vehicles available as well as wheelchair-accessible vans equipped with oxygen if required.


Visitor Information

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House is a temporary home for parents whose children are ill and in hospital. Windsor Regional Hospital is the first in Canada to have a Ronald McDonald "House within a Hospital" serving families with children using services in Paediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care and the Family Birthing Centre.

The Ronald McDonald House Windsor is located inside the Met Campus and is available to family members upon referral.

For more information, please call 519-254-5577 ext. 52620 or visit the Ronald McDonald House Windsor website.

Visitor Accommodations - Bedside Manor

The WRH Bedside Manor is a non-profit service, owned and operated by Windsor Regional Hospital, that offers affordable and comfortable accommodations for families and guests from out-of-town who require accommodations while visiting patients at Windsor Regional Hospital.

WRH Bedside Manor Offers...

  • Private Bedrooms.
  • Shared common areas: washrooms, living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, and laundry area.
  • Arrangements to stay in contact with the hospital caregivers of a friend or family member.
  • A smoke-free environment where hospital security monitors the grounds.
  • Restaurants nearby.


Guests are encouraged to reserve a room by contacting the Admitting Department at the Campus you wish to reserve:

Met Campus            519-254-5577 Ext. 52001

Ouellette Campus   519-254-5577 Ext. 33324 

Please note that everyone who wishes to use WRH Bedside Manor must register.


$25.00 per day*
*Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration.


Check-in is done through the Admitting Departments at Met or Ouellette Campus.  Guests must read and sign a guest agreement and pay for accommodations before receiving a room key and manor rules.

When checking out, please return the keys to the Admitting Department.

Printable brochure about Bedside Manor.

Visitor Accommodations - Places to Stay Near WRH

The City of Windsor has a variety of Bed and Breakfast, hotel and motel accommodations available. To find accommodations that best suit your needs, please visit the Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island website. Some hotels offer special discounted rates for those visiting the hospital.

Visiting Hours & Guidelines

Visiting hours are from 10 am to 8 pm daily.

Visitation is permitted 24 hours/day for primary caregivers of patients in Palliative Care, Critical Care, Paediatrics, Neonatal, and the Emergency Department.

Exceptions to these hours can be made for visiting depending on the department and the patient's condition.

View additional information about department-specific guidelines, visiting hours & masking here.

Scent Safe Environment

To reduce the risk of allergic or medical reactions, please avoid wearing scented personal care products and/or bringing any scented products such as air fresheners into Windsor Regional Hospital.


Shops & Services


Bank Machines

For your convenience, bank machines are located at both campuses in the following locations:

  • Met Campus - Near the top of the escalators in the main lobby on the first floor of the hospital.
  • Ouellette Campus - At the foot of the stairs, on the lower level near the Armandos Café.

Gifts and Flowers

From cards and snacks to clothing and toiletries, Windsor Regional Hospital's gift shops offer a variety of items for patients and visitors. Proceeds from all purchases support the purchase of medical equipment and other patient care needs.

Artificial flower arrangements can be ordered through the gift shop for delivery to patients by calling either of the numbers below. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Met Campus:
Located on the first-floor lobby, near the main elevators
Monday to Friday - 10 am to 2 pm
Saturday - 10 am to 2 pm
519-254-5577, Ext. 52251

Ouellette Campus:

Located on the first floor, near the Ouellette Campus entrance.
Monday to Friday - 10 am to 2 pm
519-254-5577, Ext. 33171

Windsor Regional Hospital is a Latex-Free Facility
Please note, latex balloons (see-through colour) are not allowed at Windsor Regional Hospital because they can cause severe allergic reactions. Mylar balloons are safe and are available for purchase at the gift shops.


For your convenience, Windsor Regional Hospital offers a retail pharmacy at both campuses. Guests and patients who have been discharged can have their prescriptions filled at the following locations.

Met Campus: We Care Pharmacy
Located on the first floor (lobby level) of the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre
Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
519-254-5577, Ext. 52529

Ouellette Campus: We Care Pharmacy
Located in the main lobby near Tim Hortons
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm

Retail Food Service

Meals, drinks, and snacks are available for purchase at the following locations.

Preferred method of payment Debit, Credit or Employee card. (Will accept cash if only payment available)

We Care Kiosk
Featuring Tim Hortons coffee and baked goods
Located on the first floor, in the cafeteria
Monday to Friday - 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Daily Grill
Offering weekday specials, deli, soups, and salads.
Located in the cafeteria on the first floor
Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Located in the cafeteria on the first floor
Open daily - 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Vending Machines
Located in the hospital cafeteria.

Preferred method of payment Debit, Credit or Employee Card

Ouellette Kiosk
Featuring Tim Hortons' coffee and baked goods
Located in the Goyeau Street Lobby.
Open daily - 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Armando's Café
Located in the basement level
Offering daily specials, pizza, deli, soups, and salads.
Open Daily: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Vending Machines
Vending Machines are located in the Cafeteria, the Ambulatory Care Waiting Area, the 3rd Floor ICU waiting area and the 2nd-floor Operating Room Waiting Area. Fresh items are provided daily in the Cafeteria machines.

Room Service

Guest trays are available to visitors and patients can enjoy a meal together. To order, purchase an $8 guest tray card from Tim Hortons, the Cashier's Office, or the Gift Shop. Place your order by calling 4FOOD (x43663) between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Menus are located in patient rooms.


Parking & Directions

Directions and Parking Information

Select a link below for directions to, and parking at, the following Windsor Regional Hospital locations:


Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care at WRH

The spiritual care team is an integral part of the healthcare team at Windsor Regional Hospital. Clinically trained Chaplains are available to offer emotional and spiritual support, crisis intervention, counseling, bereavement and a listening ear for patients, families and staff members. Whether you would like prayers, a blessing or a baptism, Chaplains can help. They can also help connect you with individuals from your own community faith group.

In addition, quiet areas for prayer and reflection are available at both campuses.

Met Campus: The Multi-faith Prayer Room is located on the first floor, east of Switchboard. It is always available for quiet reflection or prayer. In addition, Roman Catholic Mass is offered every Friday afternoon, at 12:30.

Ouellette Campus: The Multi-Faith Prayer Room is located in room 1-533, in the same hallway as the gift shop. In addition, Roman Catholic Mass is offered every Monday afternoon at 12:30, in the LaSalle Room, which is located on the first floor in the hallway next to the Cashier's Office.

For more information, ask a member of your care team, contact the switchboard or contact the Spiritual Care team directly.

Met Campus: 519-254-5577, ext. 52447

Ouellette Campus: 519-254-5577, ext. 33170

Patients/Family Members Chaplain Visit

  • Experiencing despair, guilt or hopelessness or searching for meaning during illness,
  • Grieving the death (or the anticipated death) of a loved one (adult or child),
  • Coping with grief about a diagnosis or his/her own pending end-of-life journey,
  • Experiencing a miscarriage/stillbirth,
  • Experiencing a trauma,
  • Needing support at a time of life-threatening illness/new diagnosis, and
  • Facing complicated life situations that might hamper recovery time.

How Spiritual Care Professionals Can Help Patients/Families:

  • To (re)discover meaning and significance in times of illness, crisis, and loss
  • Through mindful and heartfelt listening; allowing non-judgmental venting of thoughts/feelings
  • By assisting to identify and access inner resources for coping
  • By providing end-of-life and (pre) bereavement support
  • By providing guidance and support through challenging ethical and moral decision-making processes
  • By facilitating connections between patients, families or staff and spiritual leaders from diverse religious communities
  • Assist with intentional reconciliation of internal issues and interpersonal relationships
  • By leading and facilitating ceremonies, rites of passage, religious rituals, and prayer


Lost & Found

Lost and Found

Inquiries about lost and found items can be directed to security at each campus.

Met Campus:
Ground floor of the hospital campus
519-254-5577 x52215

Ouellette Campus:
Located on the ground floor of the parking garage
519-254-5577 x33192



Smoke-Free at WRH

Ontario government regulations under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act prohibit the smoking of cigarettes or any other smoking product anywhere on hospital property. This is the law.

Violators will be subject to fines that can be levied by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit’s tobacco enforcement officers.

Smokers Helpline
Those trying to quit smoking are encouraged to access the Smokers' Helpline. This toll-free telephone service (1-877-513-5333) connects callers with a "Quit Specialist" who will help create a quit plan and provide ongoing support. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in both English and French. Visit for more information.


WIFI Access

Wireless Internet Access

Windsor Regional Hospital is pleased to provide wireless internet access to patients and visitors, at no charge.

The GuestWRH network requires a username (wecare) and password (wecare).

If you have trouble connecting, please contact the switchboard by dialing '0'.