Organizational Structure

View the organizational structure at Windsor Regional Hospital.


Reporting to David Musyj - President & Chief Executive Officer


Reporting to Karen Riddell - Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Executive, Vice President Critical Care, Cardiology & Diagnostic Imaging


Reporting to Dr. Wassim Saad - Vice President of Medical Affairs & Chief of Staff
  • Nicole Sbrocca - Co-Director, Research Office
  • Jessica Bennett - Director, Medical Affairs & Co-Director, Research Office


Reporting to Mark Fathers - Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Corporate & Laboratory Services


Reporting to Rosemary Petrakos - Vice President of Surgery & Family Services


Reporting to Jonathan Foster - Vice President of Emergency, Trauma, Mental Health, Cancer Services & Renal


Reporting to Theresa Morris - Vice President of Medicine, Allied Health, District Stroke, Pharmacy & Corporate Flow