Safety & Infection Control

Stopping the spread of germs is key in keeping our patients safe.

We all have a duty to make sure that no one gets sick while they are in the hospital. All staff working in the hospital are trained in ways to stop the spread of germs. The most important way to stop the spread of germs is by keeping our hands clean. Soap and water or alcohol rub may be used to clean hands. You will be able to find sinks and alcohol rub all over.

You may see staff using extra items like masks, gloves and gowns. These items help to protect the staff and patients from harmful germs. You will also see signs that tell staff and visitors to wear these items.

If you have any questions please ask a member of your care team.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When should you clean your hands?

  • Before and after eating.
  • After using the washroom.
  • After sneezing or coughing
  • Before and after you touch a bandage or wound.
  • Before you leave your room and when you come back to your room.

When should staff clean their hands?

  • After touching objects in your room and going to another room
  • Before and after touching yourself
  • Before and after special procedures, such as giving a needle
  • After contact with body fluids, such as blood or urine

Staff work hard to keep their hands clean don’t be shy about asking us!

We may be busy and forget, but we welcome you to remind us. It’s OK to ask.

What can visitors do to stop the spread of germs?

  • Do NOT visit if you are ill.
  • Clean your hands when you first come to the hospital and just before you leave.
  • Clean your hands before going into a patient’s room and after leaving that room.
  • If you are helping to care for a loved one be sure to listen to any staff tips.
  • You may have to wear some extra items like gloves.
  • If you need anything from the kitchen please ask staff.

What if you see a sign saying to wear masks, gloves or gowns?

  • Check with the nurse or unit staff before visiting.
  • Wear the items that are listed on the sign.
  • If you are going to visit any other patients-visit this patient last.
  • Make sure you clean your hands after taking off any gloves, gowns or mask.
  • Gloves and gowns are only to be used once- when you exit the room you must throw them out and put on a new set if you have to go back in.
  • You must clean your hands when you leave.
Everything you need to protect yourself and your loved one is ready for you!

If you need to learn more please ask.

We all play a role in stopping the spread of germs and keeping our patients safe.


Infection Control Brochures

The following brochures contain additional information about infections and how to prevent the spread of germs while in hospital: