Board of Directors

The Windsor Regional Hospital Board consists of 24 Directors who, as stipulated by hospital bylaw, shall reflect the diversity of the Windsor/Essex County community, taking into account the linguistic, religious, ethno cultural, and socioeconomic differences of the community.

Eighteen members of the Board are nominated and elected and shall be divided into three groups of six. Each group of six shall be elected to hold office for a term of three years so that each year terms of one group of six will expire. 

Board members have different responsibilities from those carried out by the hospital's administration. Boards are responsible for the hospital's GOVERNANCE while the administration is responsible for hospital OPERATIONS.

Governance can be defined very broadly as the ultimate authority and accountability for the hospital. Governance involves setting policy and taking measures to ensure that it is implemented and operational zed. The Board hires the CEO and Chief of Medical Staff, and then allows the CEO to manage the Corporation within policy guidelines set by the Board.

Board members, individually and collectively have the right to ask for any information of administration which they deem necessary to help them to make informed decisions. It is incumbent upon the Board member to choose the right venue for questioning.