Preadmission Clinic

Preparing you emotionally and physically for your surgery.

Prior to your surgery, you will receive an appointment with the Pre-Admission Clinic. The goal of this visit is to make sure you are ready for a safe surgery and to prepare you for your transition home after surgery. This appointment may take place in person or by phone, and can last anywhere form 1 – 5 hours depending on the type of surgery you are having.

During your visit, staff will:

  1. Explain how to prepare for your operation;
  2. Begin to develop an individualized care plan;
  3. Arrange for community support if required after discharge; and
  4. Explain our Pain Management Program.
On the day of your appointment, please bring:
  1. All the medications you are currently taking, in their original containers;
  2. A valid OHIP card;
  3. A list of your medical history including any previous surgeries; and 
  4. A translator if required. 
The Pre-admission Clinic is located on the first floor at the Met Campus and in the basement at the Ouellette Campus.

Preadmission booking clerk:
Met: 519-254-5577, ext. 52696
Ouellette Campus: 519-254-5577, ext. 32490