Cancer Symptom Tools

Your Symptoms Matter

You may be asked to complete Your Symptoms Matter at home (by computer, tablet, or phone) or at the clinic (by a tablet or paper). This is a questionnaire that helps you tell your Care Team how you are feeling, both emotionally and physically. Your honest answers (positive or negative) will help you and your Care Team better manage your symptoms.


  1. Log onto 24 hours before your appointment (be it in-person or virtual).
  2. Enter Your Health Card Number
  3. Click Start


  • Please complete this questionnaire a maximum of 24 hours before your appointment. For example, if your appointment is Tuesday at 3:00 pm, you can complete this questionnaire any time after Monday at 3:00 pm
  • Contact your Care Team anytime if you have any questions or concerns at 519-253-5253
  • If this is an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room

Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite

If you are a prostate cancer patient who is not receiving chemotherapy, the Expanded Prostate Cancer Index Composite (EPIC) assessment will be triggered when you have completed Your Symptoms Matter.

An EPIC survey will be only be displayed to patients that:

  • Have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
  • Are not receiving chemotherapy
  • Have completed an EPIC assessment within 13 days but are feeling a change in their general sense of wellbeing

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters is a patient experience survey that may be prompted directly after completing Your Symptoms Matter.

This survey is designed to measure patient experience as close to real-time or at the point of care as possible. It gives patients the opportunity to share feedback on their most recent visit to their cancer centre or hospital. This information helps us and the Regional Cancer Programs understand how to make the improvements to the cancer system that are most important to patients.

When and how can patients complete Your Voice Matters?

This survey may be prompted after you complete Your Symptoms Matter. It can be completed in a few different ways, depending on what is most convenient for you:

  • Tablet in your centre
  • Through your personal computer or mobile device
  • Ask staff how to complete Your Voice Matters at your centre
How long will it take to complete Your Voice Matters?
  • It will take less than 5 minutes.

What Are We Capturing?

Your Voice Matters will help us understand your experiences throughout specific phases of the cancer continuum. By capturing these patient-reported experience measures we can better understand how to make meaningful improvements to the cancer system at the local, regional and provincial levels.

All responses will be confidential and won't affect the care you receive.

More information can be found on the Cancer Care Ontario website.