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Windsor Regional Hospital provides the only hospital-based audiology services in this region to children (infants to 6 years) on an outpatient basis, by referral only.

Infant Hearing Screening Program
Windsor Regional Hospital is one of the community partners in the Infant Hearing Screening Program. The mandate of this program is to screen newborns prior to discharge from hospital and to provide follow up in the community with complete testing, rehabilitation and communication development.

Goals of the Program
  • Identify infants born deaf or hard of hearing or at risk for developing hearing loss in early childhood
  • Provide child and family centered services to support communication development.



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Who will test my baby in the hospital?

A specially trained healthcare professional will test your baby prior to discharge from the hospital. If your baby is missed, every attempt will be made to contact you to return for a hearing test as an outpatient.

Will this test hurt my baby?

No. The hearing screening test is a fast, noninvasive test that is similar to having a baby’s temperature taken. It involves placing a small earphone in the baby’s ear. Soft sounds are played through the earphone and the ear’s response is measured. This test is best done when your baby is sleeping. You may be present for the test if you desire. You will get the results of the test right away.



Audiology Services

Referral Information: Physician referral is referrals can be faxed, phoned or mailed in.

Fax: 519-985-2601

Phone: 519-985-2667

Mail: Audiology Department,
Metropolitan Campus,
1995 Lens Avenue,
Windsor, Ontario N8W 1L9