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Karen Riddell It is my pleasure to welcome all nursing faculty and students to Windsor Regional Hospital. We, the staff want you to know how much we value your commitment to the profession of nursing and your desire to care for our patients. Windsor Regional Hospital strives to be a dynamic learning environment for all professional disciplines and to create an atmosphere that is conducive to assisting you with meeting your professional and personal growth objectives.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to learn all that you can during your placement experience with us. Our staff are most anxious to share their clinical knowledge and expertise with you and to have you become part of the Windsor Regional Hospital team

Through a realignment in 2013, Windsor Regional Hospital, along with maintaining full responsibility of the Met Campus has also acquired and operates the Ouellette Campus, bringing the two acute care sites together as one, on two locations.

Windsor Regional Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the Province of Ontario. We are the regional provider of advanced care in areas that include complex trauma, renal dialysis, cardiac care, stroke and neurosurgery, intensive care, acute mental health, family birthing centre, neonatal intensive care, paediatric services, regional cancer services, and a broad range of medical and surgical services required to support these specialized areas for more than 400,000 people in the Windsor-Essex region.

Our Vision – Outstanding Care – No Exceptions!
Our Mission – Deliver An Outstanding Patient Care Experience Driven By A Passionate Commitment To Excellence.

We are responsible for providing the best learning environment, and we welcome every opportunity to meet the professional learning standards and needs of every student. Enjoy your experience at Windsor Regional Hospital!

Karen Riddell,
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Executive, Vice President Critical Care & Cardiology

** University of Windsor/St. Clair College Faculty and students please refer to Blackboard to complete the mandatory requirements and tests.


Placement Resources


Please read the mandatory information in the Nursing Student e-Learn Package below. When you are finished, complete the mandatory check for understanding.

Nursing Student E-Learn Package: Mandatory information about Professional Conduct, Emergency Codes, Infection Prevention and Control and Privacy and Confidentiality and Workplace Safety at WRH.

Mandatory Check for Understanding: Once you have read the material in the e-Learn Package above, please complete the mandatory Post Test check for understanding below.

Nursing Students/Faculty Check for Understanding

4) What is the difference between a Code Blue and a Code Pink?

5) What is/are important actions to consider when performing hand hygiene? Select all that apply

7) Best practice regarding glove use includes: (Choose the most appropriate response)

8) What is the correct order for DONNING PPE?

9) What is the correct order for DOFFING PPE (taking off)?

10) The following are examples of Personal Health Information (PHI). (Check all that apply)

12) I made a post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) about how I felt about my experiences during placement. It was a tough day. All I wrote was "Rough day today. 6th floor was crazy busy and I barely made it through." I made sure not to include names and patient details.

13) A family friend was admitted to the hospital for a condition that you know about. You see his daughter in the cafeteria line. You are close friends and you want to ask her how her father is doing.


15) Who is responsible for workplace safety? Select all that apply

18) Accessible Customer Service means that an organization must: (Choose the most appropriate response)

21) The 4 main routes of entry are

22) Which of the following statements is/are TRUE or WRH's Zero Tolerance Approach to Workplace Violence? (Select all that apply)

23) Which of the following is/are examples of Workplace Bullying? (Select all that apply)


25) Who is required to respond to a Code White overhead page? (Select all that apply)

26) You feel like the unit staff are unjustly criticizing you and purposefully excluding you from learning opportunities. What should you do?

27) What should you do if you see a patient wearing a purple armband and/or a safety precaution sign on the door of a patient's room?

28) When would it be necessary to call a Code White?

29) Which of these WHMIS symbol matches is CORRECT?


30) Which of these WHMIS symbol matches is INCORRECT?

WHMIS symbols

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