Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Windsor Campus

Dr. Larry Jacobs
Dr. Larry Jacobs
Associate Dean
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Windsor Campus
  Welcome to Clerkship

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry – Windsor Campus, we offer you a warm welcome to Clerkship.

Our medical students are an integral part of the hospital and clinical community settings, and we are committed to providing a conducive learning environment for you. We have an excellent composition of faculty and staff that are here to support you and your success.

Throughout your clerkship year, you will integrate and use what you have learned in each of your first and second years to further your knowledge base. You will have an opportunity for experience, observation, instruction, and suggestions for improvement in your medical knowledge and skills. It is our hope and goal that this upcoming year will be some of the most rewarding, educational, and enjoyable of your medical school years.

We wish you the best of luck in all of your rotations.

Dr. Larry Jacobs
Associate Dean


The goal of e-orientation is to equip you with information and ensure that you:

  • Stay safe in the workplace by becoming knowledgeable in the areas of Emergency Codes, Occupational Health & Safety (including Infection Control), and WHMIS
  • Become informed about WRH, including our mission, vision, and organizational philosophy.

e-Orientation Instructions:

Click each of the links below to review mandatory WRH/HDGH-specific information

Once all material above has been reviewed, complete the electronic post-test check for understanding below. This e-orientation MUST be completed PRIOR to your arrival for in-house orientation in Windsor.

Check for Understanding

4) What is the difference between a Code Blue and a Code Pink?

5) Staff follow the acronym R-A-C-E when responding to a Code Red. R-A-C-E stands for:

7) Which of the following are early warning signs of a potential for violence in the workplace?

8) What should you do if you see a patient wearing a purple armband and/or a safety precaution sign on the door of a patient’s room?

9) Which of the following is one of the 4 moments of hand hygiene?

10) A friend’s mother was admitted to the hospital for a condition that you know about. You see your friend in the cafeteria line. You want to ask him how his mother is doing. Which of the following is correct?

11) Which of the following are your RESPONSIBILITIES under the Occupational Health & Safety Act?

12) A new piece of equipment is available for use in your area. You missed the training session on how to use it. What should you do?

13) Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 rights you have as a worker/clerk under the Occupational Health & Safety Act?

14) A person with manic depression should be referred to as:

15) Which of the following is NOT an example of Personal Health Information (PHI)?

17) Which of the following is NOT a strategy to use when providing service to someone with a hearing disability?

18) What is the protocol for any injury to a Schulich clerk at WRH or HDGH?

19) Which of the WHIMIS symbol matches is CORRECT?

Quiz question 19

20) Which of the following are examples of "workplace bullying"?

21) To report an emergency situation that involves a threatening, verbally abusive or violent situation that requires immediate assistance, what should you do?

22) What is included in Routine Practices?

23) What is the correct order for DONNING PPE?

24) Guidelines for prevention of airborne transmission include

26) What PPE must be worn when entering a room with Contact Precautions?

27) Which of these WHMIS symbol matches is INCORRECT?

Quiz Question 27

28) When must sharps containers be replaced?

29) Which of the following statements is/are TRUE regarding a ZERO tolerance approach to workplace violence?

30) Which of the following symbols indicates a product that is Biohazardous and Infectious?

Quiz Question 30

31) Which of the following symbol matches is CORRECT?

Quiz Question 31

33) Which of the following is considered BEST PRACTICE regarding glove use?

34) Which of the following Emergency Code statements is INCORRECT?

35) What does a Code Orange Alert mean?

36) Which of the following is/are examples of a Privacy Breach?

37) What TWO questions should you ask yourself before collecting, using or disclosing Personal Health Information (PHI)?

40) We follow the acronym P-A-S-S when using a fire extinguisher. P-A-S-S stands for:


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