Clinical Student (non-nursing) Orientation

Confidentiality Post Test

Please complete the following.

Which of the following is/are examples of Personal Health Information (PHI)?

A staff person that accesses patient information for personal interest, including their own or a family member’s personal health information, is an example of “inappropriate access”.
What does the term “Circle of Care” refer to?

Which of the following is/are pieces of information that may be released without the patient/substitute decision maker’s consent or a warrant (unless the patient/substitute decision maker has placed restrictions on the disclosure of information)?

It is WRH policy that no patient’s original health record may be taken from the Hospital by any WRH staff or health care practitioner.
All staff and affiliates are responsible for selecting the most secure method of sending physical (hard copy) and electronic confidential information.
WRH does NOT audit electronic activity in patient health records to ensure that access is appropriate for the circle of care.
Which of the following is/are examples of a Privacy Breach?

If you are aware or suspect that a privacy breach may have occurred, you are expected to report the situation to your Manager/Supervisor or Privacy Officer.
What is the first step in the management of a Privacy Breach?

What TWO questions should you ask yourself before collecting, using or disclosing Personal Health Information (PHI)?


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