Above and Beyond Recognition Program

At Windsor Regional Hospital we are honoured to have a team that on a daily basis lives our Vision,"Outstanding Care - No Exceptions!" and Windsor Regional Hospital's Mission to "Provide quality person-centred health care services to our community".

It is for this reason that we have the Above and Beyond recognition program. All patients, visitors, and fellow team members are welcome to submit a nomination for a Windsor Regional Hospital team member that they felt went "Above and Beyond".

Nominations are reviewed by a sub-committee of our Patient Experience Committee and then the award is signed by our President and CEO. Along with some receiving personal letters at home from the CEO to ensure the family is aware of recognition as well.

Each person recognized will receive a letter of appreciation as well as an Above and Beyond token which can be exchanged for a small token of appreciation (i.e. gift cards, movie tickets) in the Human Resources office. Team members nominated also have their supervisor inform fellow team members of their honour and are also featured on our monthly Honour Roll which is on display throughout the internal hospital television system. Team members recognized through the Above and Beyond program may also be showcased on Hospital promotional material such as the website, wall frames, banners, brochures and patient menus throughout the hospital as well as possibly on billboards and banners external to the hospital as well.

Our goal is to honour and recognize those that provide that little extra that makes your attendance at the hospital more comfortable while at the same time sharing their achievements both internally and externally for the world to see.

Please take the time to recognize someone that made you stay a little more special by filling out the Above and Beyond nomination form. They might be on a billboard as a result of your recognition.

Even if you do not remember their exact name, if you outline enough details about your stay with us we will find who you are talking about on your behalf.

We truly appreciate your feedback!