Office of Research

WRH is creating a health research program in order to advance the academic and research mission.

The first steps have been made toward this aim in the establishment of an Office of Research.

WRH Office of Research Intake Form


The Research Office will:
  • Centralize, provide oversight and streamline research at WRH
  • Provide administrative support for approved research projects
  • Standardize processes across the system
  • Strengthen local partnerships
  • Improve the quality of clinical care and the health of the population WRH serves
  • Realize revenue opportunities
  • Celebrate talent and local successes


WATCH: Expanding Academic Research at WRH
In this video, Dr. Saad talks about research at WRH and the new Office of Research.



For anyone interested in getting an approval for research at WRH, please contact:

Dr. Caroline Hamm, Chair, ARC

Krista Naccarato, Manager, Research

Nicole Sbrocca, Director

Jessica Bennett, Director