Movement Matters

One Step at a Time

Windsor Regional Hospital is encouraging a target group of "at-risk" patients to take a walk, log their steps and see how far they can go on the Road to Recovery. "At-risk" patients who need help getting up and moving, are identified when they are admitted into the hospital and work with their care teams to set appropriate mobility goals and then track and monitor how far they go. Learn more


The WRH Road To Recovery - HOW FAR CAN WE GO?

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How Does It Work?

Every time participating patients walk to the washroom, down the hall, or around the unit floor, the distance covered is recorded in their charts. Each unit then tallies its results and maps the progress on a map of Windsor-Essex.


Movement Matters

Corporate-wide results are tallied each week and will be displayed on the Road to Recovery Map on this site.

It's not a race! This a fun way to motivate our patients to speed up their recoveries while preventing unnecessary complications that could lead to longer hospital stays.

WATCH: Participating in the Movement Matters pilot program may be a game-changer for this patient who needs a lung transplant.