Swaggin’ it up in Exemplary Style!


Accreditation 2020

Staff, volunteers, and affiliates celebrated accreditation success this week with sweet treats and swag.

In November, surveyors from Accreditation Canada visited WRH to conduct a thorough assessment and evaluation. They explored the hospital campuses, spoke to staff, patients and volunteers, and evaluated the hospital against 2615 national standards.

WRH achieved an astounding 99.8% compliance rating and as a result, was awarded the highest designation possible by Accreditation Canada - Accreditation with Exemplary Standing for the period 2019-2023. This designation is achieved by fewer than 30% of the health care organizations evaluated by Accreditation Canada!

"This is because of our team," said WRH President and CEO David Musyj at a media conference held to recognize the achievement. "It is a wonderful way to end 2019 and start a new decade. I cannot be prouder to be part of the team at WRH as I am today."

Many examples of the prevention of patients harm and keeping patients safe were highlighted in the report including the standard care bundles.

"The surveyors were amazed when they went to the units. They could not believe that nurses in our hospital did the same procedure the same way on every unit they visited. Team members have done an enormous amount of work to standardize and optimize clinical and non-clinical services at both campuses for the benefit of our patients and the results speak for themselves," said Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Executive Karen McCullough.

The accreditation process happens every four years and is a powerful tool to assist with continuous improvement.

"Clearly, it is a journey and it doesn't stop," says Musyj. "This achievement tells us that we are on the right track as an organization and something we achieved during some very difficult times in healthcare. So today we celebrate and then we keep going and continue to improve."


WATCH: January 30, 2019 news conference to highlight achievement

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