Renewal Campaign 2020

Thank you for everything you did for us. I know that if something happens in the future, my son will never feel alone.


Young Asaad is only 11 years old, but he has already spent more time in the hospital than most of us do in a lifetime.

The thing that has kept him smiling and positive all these years? YOU.

You see, the gifts you give to support the Windsor Regional Hospital doesn't "just" buy essential equipment. Although that is critically important.

Your donations also lift our patients' spirits - and they tell patients and their families, "You are not alone - I am here, and I am rooting for you!"

That's why I'm writing to you. To let you know how meaningful your donations are. And to ask if this holiday season, you'll reach out in compassion to our patients once again, by contributing to our Tree of Caring campaign?

You may recall that each year at this time, we create a Tree of Caring at the hospitals. We ask friends and supporters like you to send in little messages of support to the patients who are spending the holidays at the hospital. It helps tremendously to keep spirits bright. And we know that bright spirits play their own important role in health and healing.

Once I've told you a little bit about Assad and his family, I hope you'll see what a difference you can make, today, to a family going through a hard and lonely time.

Assad was only two weeks old when he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Along with his parents, he was back and forth to the hospital every two weeks, then every month, and then every three months for tests and treatment.

When he was four years old, Assad developed stomach problems. He would throw up 10-12 times a day. He wasn't gaining any weight and he was really tiny for his age group.

In December 2019, our doctors at Windsor Regional Hospital CF clinic operated on Assad to insert a G-tube through his nose. Then they referred him for surgery to put a feeding tube in his stomach. After that, he began getting taller and healthier.

Along with his feeding tube, this brave boy takes more than 40 pills each day. He has two puffers in the morning and two at night. He has a small machine that he uses to keep his lungs open. And he's a frequent guest at the Windsor Regional Hospital.

Assad's mother will tell you how it's the small things staff do that make a real difference. The 'small but mighty' things you fund.

"Kids with CF get a bead for every treatment, new meds, lab tests, surgery, regular follow-ups, and special occasions like birthdays, Hallowe'en and Christmas. They keep them in a string in order, so it tells their story. Every bead has a purpose. This program is called beads of courage."

Assad and his mom talk about all the people who have cared so devotedly for him at the hospital. From the medical teams who spent extra time explaining procedures to Assad's parents so they would feel reassured, to the nurse who regularly brings him hot chocolate, to the cleaner who visits even when she is off-duty.

You are part of that loving family. And, of course, donors like you fund nearly every piece of medical equipment we have here.

Today your holiday donation will help us purchase equipment like syringe pumps. They cost $4,500 each and our teams use them to feed babies and to give IV medications to infants and children. We are also in urgent need of a central monitoring system, allowing the nursing staff to constantly monitor a child's heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation. This is a very expensive piece of equipment, but pulling together - like the people of Windsor and Essex County are famous for doing - we can fund it!

I wish you peace and joy during the upcoming holidays. I hope you know what a special part of our hospital you are. And I look forward to working with you to care for patients like Assad.

Assad's mother wants me to pass along this message: "You have made us feel that we are not alone. You have given us peace, and support," It takes a special person to care about someone who you may never meet. But you do that with every donation you make to the hospital. Please take a moment to write your message for our Tree of Caring. And your gift will help keep spirits bright this winter. Thank you.