Renewal Campaign 2020

I had no symptoms

Noel Hurley

In.February.2020,.I.had.a.routine PSA test as part of my annual physical. It came back high. Soon afterwards my doctor performed a biopsy that confirmed the worst: I had Grade 5 prostate cancer. High risk and aggressive.

And yet still, I had no symptoms.

I'm a former cancer patient of Windsor Regional Hospital. And I'm writing to thank you for your dedicated support of this hospital. I've been given a new lease on life - and it's thanks to you.

I'm also writing to ask you two important things.

First - please ask all the men in your life to get their prostate checked regularly. If I hadn't, I can tell you that I wouldn't be here today writing this letter to you.

Second - I'm writing to ask if you'll join me in raising funds for Windsor Regional Hospital for their truly excellent work caring for cancer patients like me.

My surgery with Dr. Goel was scheduled for May 4th. My wife, Elizabeth, and I were feeling hopeful - Dr. Goel's empathy and welcoming attitude gave us an optimism that we had not felt since we'd been given the news that I had cancer.

But then - the world shut down.

There is no good time to be told that you have cancer. But finding out I had cancer and needed urgent treatment right as the Coronavirus hit was truly bad timing.

Dr. Goel called me directly and assured me that he would maintain close contact and monitor me during the delay. That when surgery resumed, I would be one of his highest priorities given the high risk and aggressive nature of my cancer.

The doctor was true to his word - and as soon as things opened back up again, my surgery was rescheduled.

That's when I really got to see how uniquely dedicated and compassionate the staff of Windsor Regional Hospital truly are.

And how much they rely on state-of-the-art equipment
… equipment that they can only purchase with the support of individuals like you and me.

From the nurse who took my blood samples pre-surgery, to the anesthesiologist, to the operating team nurses and Dr. Goel - they all took time to make me feel reassured and safe. And my post-operative and recovery care has been just as good.

Noel Hurley

That's why I volunteered to write this letter. I think it's important to recognize how professional and dedicated the team at Windsor Regional Hospital is. My family and I owe this hospital a great deal - not only was I treated there, but four of my grandchildren were born there!

I saw first-hand that this pandemic has taxed the capabilities of all our hospitals, and placed a great strain on doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and support staff.

I feel like the least I can do is help get them the equipment they need to do their jobs the best they can - caring for the people you and I love.

If you are able, I hope you'll consider making a donation today to buy the equipment that helps save lives and speed patients on the road to recovery. In particular, right now our doctors and nurses need:

  • 20 flexible Cystoscopes, which doctors use to treat people with urology issues like prostate cancer and kidney stones.
  • Two Neptune Drainage systems
  • And an Ambulatory Met Procedure table

I realize that these are sizable sums. But I also know that fantastic hospitals like ours rely on the community to pull together and support them. And Windsor has a fantastic community. If we all chip in what we can, together we'll succeed!

Thank you for reading my story today. I wish you health and happiness to you and to your family. I am very much looking forward to resuming my own favorite hobby … spending time with mine.

With sincere best wishes,

Noel Hurley, grateful patient

P.S. As I said, I have a new lease on life, thanks to you and your support of Windsor Regional Hospital. Now I want to give that gift to others. Through our donations to the hospital, you and I have the opportunity to help people when they need it most. Thank you again for your compassion and your generosity.