2019 Renewal Campaign

Wouldn't it be incredible to give someone back the ability to walk?

2019 Windsor Regional Campaign
That's.exactly.what our donors did - just last year - through their support of the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation.

Thank you for your dedication to our hospital. Let us tell you a story about a woman named Lori who is walking today because of your generosity and your compassion.

Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation donors helped purchase the equipment that our hospital urgently needed last year. Like two ultrasound machines, a CAT scan machine, and two echocardiography machines to diagnose patients and begin the treatment they need to get better and return home to their families. Donors also helped fund an ECG wireless cart for monitoring our patients' heart rate and vital statistics. Lori Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation

Patients.like.Lori. I'm honoured to thank you, on her behalf, and on behalf of all the patients, we treat here and their families. Your support is essential to our hospital. I can't imagine a greater joy than knowing you helped save and improve the lives of people right here in our community.

Donate Now to ensure that we can continue to offer world-class care to the families in our region - including people you and I care about.

Please let me tell you about one family whose lives you played such a part in At this time last year, Lori Tonial of Tecumseh was experiencing such extreme lower back pain that walking was unbearable. She could barely take a step without crying in pain.

But Lori had a dream - to dance with her son at his wedding.

For months it must have seemed impossible. Until Lori was referred to our amazing neurosurgical and spine team.

"In my eyes, the doctors are miracle workers. And everyone involved in my care was so professional and kind, each and every person went out of their way to put me at ease. The treatment I received was like you would give to a.friend or a family member," she says.

Three months after her surgery, Lori did, indeed, dance with her son on his wedding day.

Lori says she is "forever grateful" to the medical team that changed her life. Because without the equipment that you help fund, they wouldn't be able to perform the miracles they do.

I hope you will consider helping other neighbours in our region who need care. Our doctors and nurses have told us that we need equipment such as a portable x-ray machine, a 3D digital mammography machine, and cardiac ultrasound probes. This equipment and more will help our health care teams to diagnose and treat patients so they can return back home to their families.

Any gift you can make - whether through a cheque, credit card, or becoming a member of our monthly giving club - will be used wisely to purchase the equipment that will serve our patients the best. All that matters is having you with us once again, as a supporter of our hospital.

Like Lori says, we consider every patient we treat here to be "friend or family." That's what makes this community so special. I am thrilled to work with and for you to safeguard the outstanding care offered here at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Gisele Seguin

Director Philanthropy
Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation