Renewal Campaign 2019

"I'm alive, thanks to you!" - Nathan Boutcher

All my life I've been dealing with kidney failure in some form. My father suffered from kidney disease and it was a huge part of my family's life. It took its toll.

At 22 years old, my kidneys failed and I needed emergency dialysis. While I was still in the hospital as a patient, my father passed away down the hall from me at the young age of 49.

Nathan Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation

You can imagine how traumatic his death was for my family. And with my diagnosis, I was scared I may face the same future. But something changed for me. I began to see a future where I was able. I can honestly say that in the last four years of my life, each year has been the best year ever.

In the beginning, I suffered tremendously. But as the years went on, I healed and learned more about my disease. I discovered many tools and strategies to improve my well-being. Today I exercise regularly. I am deeply joyful and grateful. And that is thanks to these dialysis treatments, without which I would not be here.

I am so thankful for people in our community who support the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation. Donations from people like you help fund equipment like the dialysis machines that I rely on each week to survive. With support from generous donors, the Hospital opened a brand new facility less than two years ago to care for patients like me.

Community members like you are a lifeline!

Donor support makes amazing, lifesaving care happen across the entire hospital. And I want you to know that patients like me are deeply thankful for this generosity. With your donation today you will equip your hospital with the best tools and technology and help provide outstanding care.

You can help Windsor Regional Hospital to continue making a life-changing difference for folks like me. Will you please consider making a donation toward the hospital's most urgent needs across all departments?

Some of the top priorities right now include equipment to help people with kidney disease. There are quite a few items that need to be replaced, including 25 treatment chairs at $5,498 each. Dialysis patients like me have to sit in them for up to 4 solid hours.

The new chairs will let us switch positions with adjustable backs to relieve discomfort. Swing-arms give those with disabilities easier access. Massage settings ease the aches of sitting for so long. And height adjustments prevent strain on the care team who dialysis patients rely on during treatments. These chairs really are a lifeline for all patients like me who are being treated for kidney disease.

Your donation will also help to purchase equipment in other areas of the hospital.

How donations from donors touch my life:

  • My renal dialysis treatments are 3 times a week for 4 hours each time.
  • A machine takes the blood from my body and puts it through an artificial kidney to remove waste products from the blood. As you can imagine, medical professionals like nurses and nephrologists are all part of the procedure.
  • The treatments are taxing on the body. So after treatment I recover by eating a meal, taking a nap, and eating again once I wake up. Each patient's routine on dialysis is different as each of us reacts differently to the treatment.
  • Treatment days can be time-consuming between the preparation, travel, the treatment itself, and then recovery... it does make life more challenging. However, through time and experience, I have learned what works for me, and I am doing very well!
2019 Windsor Regional Campaign

That is why I'm so grateful to have this care close to home! It has allowed me to continue pursuing a meaningful life, chasing my dreams as an entrepreneur and working as a Yoga teacher.

Can you imagine if I had to travel to get treatment? It would put a lot more limitations on my life. On the lives of many people, in fact, because the hospital performs 43,085 renal dialysis treatments a year!

So, let me thank you in advance for taking action with your donation.

Government funding doesn't cover a lot of essential equipment and technology. That means people like you are responsible for the world-class care we have here in our backyards.

Your support today will mean everything to me and so many other patients.