Renewal Campaign 2020

If you ever wonder how much of a difference you make through your generous support of the Windsor Regional Hospital, just ask Dan Tullio.

Tulio And Grandkids

Not so long ago, Dan was an active, physically fit 62-year-old, living in LaSalle. In fact, he had just run the Niagara half marathon!

But in 2018, Dan began feeling pain in his lower back. His doctor ordered a series of tests, but the pain grew worse and worse. The tests showed that a cyst was growing in his spinal canal.

Eventually, Dan could barely walk and lost sensation in his foot.

Then last March, Dan came to the Ouellette Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital for a second MRI. The cyst had grown.

Within a month, Dan had surgery and by the next day, he was walking without pain. Dan will tell you how incredibly important it was to him that he could have his surgery and his recovery so close to home, right here in Windsor:

"I am retired. At the time, I lost my dad who was taking care of my 70-year-old handicapped brother. My younger brother and I had to take on that role. Having this procedure done in Windsor just made it so much easier instead of traveling two or four hours away to another hospital. It would have been extremely difficult, so thank you Windsor Regional for having the ability to do this."

There is one single reason why we can offer such a high level of health care right here at home. That reason is donors like you.

It is no exaggeration. Did you know that donors fund nearly all the equipment our doctors and nurses use to help our friends and neighbours in need?

It's true. Last year alone, donors helped us purchase a 3D Digital Mammography Machine, which will increase the accuracy of breast cancer detection - saving the lives of many women we care about - and a CT scan. The hospital recently acquired a "Neuro Navigation System," which our doctors describe as being like a GPS for the brain.

Will you consider supporting Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation today with your donation of whatever you can give so that we can purchase more of the equipment our medical teams urgently require?

Our doctors need special scopes to help them diagnose and treat urology issues like kidney and bladder stones, prostate problems, and bladder control issues. They also need new defibrillators to save the lives of patients suffering from a heart attack.

If you are like me, you know many people who face health issues like these. It is comforting to know that we can give our medical teams the very best equipment to take care of the people we love. Please do support us if you can.

I will leave you with a few more words from Dan ...

"A couple of weeks after the surgery, I was able to pick up my grandchildren again. It was unbelievable. I am thankful that we have this hospital, the equipment, and the doctors. The treatment I received really gave me the opportunity to get my life back again.

Thank you to all the donors that contribute as well. I am extremely grateful and feel fortunate that we have caring people like you who donate to Windsor Regional Hospital."