Hats on for Healthcare

The tenth annual 'Hats on for Healthcare' fundraiser will take place Wednesday, March 5, 2019.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the 2018 event and for wearing such creative head attire and donating $2 to raise funds for services at Windsor Regional Hospital. Participating in 'Hats on for Healthcare' is a great way to show the community you care about local healthcare.

Contact Us

To participate and to receive more information on the 2018 “Hats On For Healthcare" Day, please:

Phone: (519) 973-4433

Email: hats-on@wrh.on.ca

Fax: (519) 973-5880

Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation
1995 Lens Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 1L9
Attention: Hats On For Healthcare

2018 Participants

A big thank you to this growing list of individuals and companies that are making a difference for local healthcare with this year's campaign. 

Fundraising Ideas

By participating in “Hats On For Healthcare”, you’re improving healthcare in our community. Have your management team show support by joining the fun. They can promote the campaign using internal communications - try announcing the fundraiser's goals through email blasts and company newsletters.

Have Fun!
Challenge everyone at work, even vendors or customers. Challenge friends. See who can fundraise the most.

Sticker or Button Strategy
The fastest and easiest way to increase your fundraising is to include our stickers or buttons in your campaign. Promote the sales of stickers or buttons through internal incentives.

Encourage employees to fundraise by offering prize draws to reward those who raise the most money. Have your organization sponsor prizes: merchandise, a day off, lunch with the boss, etc. There are many ways to encourage people to fundraise!

Ask Your Boss to Match Funds!
This will provide a real incentive for your employees to raise as much as they can. If matching the total amount raised by the team is not an option, ask if he/she would be willing to match what the team raises at your next fundraising event.

Ask Your Payroll Department
Spread the word about Hats on for Healthcare by including promotional flyers with every paycheque. The flyers should include information on how to donate and fundraising ideas.

Raffle it Off!
Use your connections to get prizes donated for a raffle. You can ask businesses that you frequent (restaurants, spas, hair salons) to donate. Sell tickets at $2 each or 10 tickets for $15. People won't be able to say no to that bargain!

Organize a 50/50 Raffle
Anyone can organize this type of raffle, it's easy and the prize is CASH! Let everyone know half the proceeds go to Hats on for Healthcare and half go to the lucky winner. Make your own raffle tickets, so you don’t spend anything!

Office Potluck
Ask everyone to cook and donate an item for a themed luncheon in the office. Take a vote on the theme, then ask everyone who partakes in the lunch to donate $5 to Hats on for Healthcare.

Auction Your Skills
Are you a trained massage therapist? Can you organize a closet like no one else? What about cleaning the house or re-vamping someone's resume? You can even be the "designated driver" for your friends during a night out on the town. Let people know you’re willing to trade your services for a Hats on for Healthcare donation. Set your price high – it's for a good cause!

Silent Auction
Another great way to raise money using donated items is to hold a silent auction. Reach out to everyone you know and ask for products – gift certificates, etc. You can make attractive gift baskets out of smaller items. Display the prizes in a high traffic area and let the bidding begin.

Denim Days or Dress-Down Days
Ask management to allow Denim Days at work. Charge people $5 to wear jeans on Fridays or any other day. This is a quick and easy way to raise big bucks. Everyone wants to be casual at work. Help people be comfortable on the job and contribute to a great cause.

Guest Bartending
Ask your local bar if they’ll allow you to be a guest bartender for a night, or even for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Send out an e-vite, encouraging everyone you know to join you there for a drink, and ask them to invite everyone they know. Create a sign to place on the bar or a flyer that reads, "All tips collected tonight will go directly to Hats on for Healthcare, which benefits the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation.” When people see the sign, they may be willing to dig a little deeper in their pocket!

Dinner with Friends
Ask your favourite restaurant to help you fundraise. Is there a local restaurant you frequent? Are you friendly with any restauranteurs? Ask the owners to donate a portion of one evening’s proceeds. Then make flyers with the information, create an e-vite, and encourage everyone you know to dine there that evening. You’ll bring in more business to the restaurant and more money to your fundraising total.

Bake Sale
Simply make some of your very best cookies, cupcakes, or pies. Have your co-workers and friends get involved, especially those that can't sponsor you financially. Advertise the sale and then watch the profits come in.

Hats On Sports Challenge
Choose any sport from basketball to dodgeball! Charge $5 to participate or $25 to form a team! Charge a donation at the door to watch the game. Secure donated goods and sell them at your concession stand with proceeds going toward your Hats on for Healthcare fundraising total. You can make this a faculty vs. student tournament and the losing team has to do something over-the-top embarrassing!

Participate In Hats on for Healthcare
Participating in Hats on for Healthcare is a great way to the show the community that you or your company care about healthcare in the Windsor-Essex community. It’s easy, organizations and businesses are invited to participate by wearing a hat and making a $2 donation!