Never in a Million Years

A compilation of stories from people living with life-altering diagnoses.

Karen McEwan

Join my quest to give patients, caregivers, and loved ones the opportunity to share their stories with others.

My name is Karen McKeown and I am inviting you to share in my goal to create a legacy book called Never in a Million Year - A Compilation of Stories from People Living with Life-Altering Diagnoses

I am a life-long Windsor resident, currently living the past four years with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma, in my brain, lungs and left adrenal gland. I've always (tried) to approach negative situations with a touch of humour and with a problem-solving intention; however, it's hard to be prepared for a terminal diagnosis!

I've decided to tell my story, and I hope you will take this opportunity to tell me yours too. I know everyone's experience is completely different and I believe the uniqueness is what will serve to inform, maybe educate and hopefully give everyone a better understanding of the challenges that a chronic progressive diagnosis can bring.

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors for donating their services to make this endeavor possible! The Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation will receive 100% of the funds raised.

Please be absolutely assured that I do not have access to your health records or personal information.

I truly hope you will submit a story for consideration - this may be in the form of a narrative, poem or other means of expression. It is hoped that submitting a story may be used as a healing gesture for patients and families. A photo would also be appreciated, please remember if there are multiple persons in the photo, they must sign off on having it in the book. Please indicate who the people are in the photo.

Once the stories are compiled an online book will be made available for a donation to the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation.

Please note:

  • There may be many submissions, we reserve the right not to use all of the submissions for the final publication.
  • Please use the online form below to submit your work. There is a spot to upload a PDF or Word Document and/or an image.
  • Your story submission must be a maximum of 550/600 words.

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