Fundraising Ideas

By participating in “Hats On For Healthcare”, you’re improving healthcare in our community.

Have your management team show support by joining the fun. They can promote the campaign using internal communications - try announcing the fundraiser's goals through email blasts and company newsletters.

Have Fun!
Challenge everyone at work, even vendors or customers. Challenge friends. See who can fundraise the most.

Sticker or Button Strategy
The fastest and easiest way to increase your fundraising is to include our stickers or buttons in your campaign. Promote the sales of stickers or buttons through internal incentives.

Encourage employees to fundraise by offering prize draws to reward those who raise the most money. Have your organization sponsor prizes: merchandise, a day off, lunch with the boss, etc. There are many ways to encourage people to fundraise!

Ask Your Boss to Match Funds!
This will provide a real incentive for your employees to raise as much as they can. If matching the total amount raised by the team is not an option, ask if he/she would be willing to match what the team raises at your next fundraising event.

Ask Your Payroll Department
Spread the word about Hats on for Healthcare by including promotional flyers with every paycheque. The flyers should include information on how to donate and fundraising ideas.

Raffle it Off!
Use your connections to get prizes donated for a raffle. You can ask businesses that you frequent (restaurants, spas, hair salons) to donate. Sell tickets at $2 each or 10 tickets for $15. People won't be able to say no to that bargain!