Community Engagement

Community Engagement in Stage 1

There have been 70+ town hall discussions and other opportunities for individuals to ask questions and give feedback in Stage one of this project alone. In addition, members of the public were invited to give feedback on the criteria used to select the site and apply for a seat on the site-selection subcommittee. Experts involved in this project have described the level of community engagement as 'unprecedented'. Community involvement will continue to be an integral part of the process in future planning stages.

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Community Engagement Stage 1A

More than 150 medical experts and community members were directly involved in the creation of the Phase 1A report. Through a series of discussions called change tables, participants determined what health care services currently exist, what services are needed, and which ones need to be enhanced. The groups focused on 12 areas of service including Mental Health and Addictions, Cardiac services, the Emergency Program and Cancer services.

Group members developed a vision for how these services can be delivered in the future and came up with innovative ways to deliver some services outside of the hospital. Participants also discussed the possible implications these changes could have on community health service providers.

Community Engagement Stage 1B

The community had several opportunities to participate in Stage 1B:
  • The Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee have hosted two live Town Hall Broadcasts on AM800 where they answered questions from callers about the project.
  • The Steering Committee overseeing the planning of a new state-of-the-art hospital put out a request for individuals to sit on the Site Selection Subcommittee. Close to 80 applications were submitted. From that pool, 5 people were selected to sit on the subcommittee along with 6 other volunteers who are current or past Windsor Regional Hospital board members.
  • The criteria used to select a site for the new hospital was posted online for the public to review and provide feedback. Close to 600 people responded providing feedback on the criteria that was used to revise the final version of the criteria list.
  • More than 70 presentations were held with different community groups, many of them were open to the public. Participants had an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

Planned Community Engagement for Stage 2

The Steering Committee has drafted a Communications Plan to guide engagement during stage two. Read more


Engagement Opportunities

The list below includes some of the opportunities we've had to talk to and engage with the community throughout the process.

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