My Care Journey App Updated To Help More Patients Prepare For Surgery And Recovery


WRH App PhotographPatients visiting WRH for Breast Surgeries (lumpectomy, mastectomy or breast reconstruction), Prostatectomy and Hysterectomy can now download the WRH My Care Journey App and find valuable information about what to expect before, during and after their surgeries.

The WRH My Care Journey App includes information about how to prepare for the surgery, what to expect while in hospital, and what patients can do to play an active role in their recoveries.

The goal is to give patients the right information about their care and treatment at the right time. Keeping patients informed helps empower them in their recovery and reduce any unnecessary anxiety.

The app is part of a larger WRH initiative called Quality Based Procedure (QBP) bundles. These include treatment-specific workflow and communication tools for physicians, nurses, patients and family members to make sure patients receive standardized care based on best practices.

The new patient journey information will help approximately 511 patients each year who undergo the surgeries. Other treatments already available on the app include COPD, Chronic Heart Failure, Ischemic Stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke, TIA, Hip Fracture, Hip Replacement, Knee Arthroscopy, Knee Replacement and Pneumonia.

Download the free app today at the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play. The information is also available online in five different languages (English, French, Arabic, Italian & Spanish) at