Give blood in honour of our troops!


Give blood in honour of our troopsDuring the month of November to commemorate Remembrance Day, Canadian Blood Services is encouraging Canadians to donate blood in honour of the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Many of our staff already know the importance of donating blood when it comes to our patients. And for many staff, donating is a regular way of giving back.

Bryan Giles, Clinical Practice Manager at the Met campus ED and a longtime member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, just recently donated blood for the 100th time. He’s been donating for the past 33 years and knows well the importance of blood donation and making trips to donate at the local Canadian Blood Services location at 3909 Grand Marais Road East in Windsor.

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces are some of the most generous blood donors. In 2006, the Department of National Defence became Canadian Blood Services’ first national Partner for Life organization. Since then, they have provided more than 40,000 blood donations to Canada’s national blood supply.

In 2018, Department of National Defence is aiming to contribute at least 500 new donors and 6,000 donations from Canadian Armed Forces and civilian employees across the country. Besides pledged support, partners can also adopt specific clinics, arrange group donations, and help raise awareness of the need for donors.

Donating blood is a meaningful way to commemorate Remembrance Day, while serving your country by helping hospital patients across Canada. One in two Canadians is eligible to donate blood, but only one in 60 give.

The relationship between Canada’s military and the blood system began with the early days of blood transfusion during WWI, and grew as Canadians donated blood to help wounded troops during WWII.

All donors are urged to get involved – particularly donors with Type-O blood. In an emergency, when seconds count, there is no time to check blood type; patients receive O-negative blood.

For more information, and for hours at the 3909 Grand Marais Road East location, call 1-888-236-6283.