Work Begins on new Assessment Centre at Met Campus


ED-parking-lot-Met-CampusAs.announced.previously,.Windsor Regional Hospital will be opening a COVID-19 Assessment Centre at the Met Campus, tentatively scheduled to open in October. The trailers will be located in the parking lot outside of the Emergency department adjacent to Byng Rd, which will allow for quick access to the ED if any patient who comes for a COVID-19 test requires urgent medical treatment.

On Tuesday, September 22nd at 9 am, the Met Campus Emergency Department parking lot will be closed to begin the prep work required for the installation of the trailers. Signage, a security guard and physical barriers will be put in place to ensure the parking lot is empty. The patient drop off lane for the Emergency Department will remain open, with signage directing visitors to the main visitor's lot at the front of Met Campus. The closing of the ED parking lot will not impact the ambulance bay, the physicians' lot or the ambulance route off of Byng Rd.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020, the first two pieces of the new Met Campus COVID-19 Assessment Centre will be arriving on site. They will be followed by an additional two pieces on Thursday, September 24th. The Emergency Department parking lot will remain closed during this time with security on-site ensuring that any patients or supporting visitors are directed to the main Met Campus visitors lot. Based on the construction required, we are anticipating reopening the ED parking lot by end of the day on Friday, September 25th. EMS has been informed of the arrival of the trailers and will be rerouted to the ambulance entrance off of Byng Rd during the trailer arrival.

Work will continue on the trailers into the following week. The ED parking lot will be open during this construction, but with reduced capacity as the trailer will take up most of the parking spaces in the lot. Only the parking spaces directly along Byng Rd will remain available for patients.

We thank you for your help and cooperation and look forward to opening the Met Campus Assessment Centre as quickly as possible.