Tracking Success


Tracking SuccessAs we head into annual flu season, WRH is positioned to take on the challenge of potential “surges” in patient volumes with improved timeliness and efficiency - thanks to an integrated system that uses real-time data every minute of the day to make the best use of beds and our resources for the ultimate benefit of the patients we serve.

In the past year, WRH has successfully implemented its “Command Centre” style approach to tracking every patient’s journey through the hospital from Emergency Department to discharge. These “control room” style centres, one located at each campus, offer electronic tracking of patients throughout WRH, allowing our utilization team to be aware of “bottlenecks” in the system and make decisions based on real-time information.Most importantly, the goal is to help reduce the time patients wait to be admitted, or to be discharged, with the right patient care plan.

Four main components of our patient flow system work together to ensure every patient’s journey through the hospital system is as smooth as possible:

  • Emergency Department Flow: real-time ED wait times tracking;
  • Systems Huddle: a broad overview of all patients who are in hospital, where they are, and if there are any signs that patients are having to wait for a bed;
  • Unit Patient Flow: to be sure that each patient has a daily plan of care and that these care needs are met daily; and
  • Bed Availability: informs Command Centre when a bed is available for next patient.

“We are seeing results from our efforts to improve bed management and patient flow with the use of real-time data,” said Karen McCullough, Chief Operating Office and Chief Nursing Executive. “With our command centres, our adoption of digital technology and our skilled clinical team, we are in a much better position to manage bed availability and patient flow from entry into the ED, to admission and eventual discharge.” 

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