Greg Monforton and Partners Rallies Support for EUROPRO VERTICAL CLIMB


Windsor personal injury law firm Greg Monforton & Partners has made a substantial donation to Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation in support of the neurosciences program at Windsor Regional Hospital.

The firm is committed to helping the neurosciences department hit its fundraising targets this year by supporting EUROPRO VERTICAL CLIMB, and encouraging others in the community to do the same. A representative from GM&P noted the firm takes great pride in helping Windsor residents reach their health and fitness goals, and the hospital’s two upcoming events are a great way to do just that.

Monforton and his team of legal professionals have been a staple in the area for over 30 years, and vocal supporters of Windsor’s businesses and other local organizations.

Recently, the firm showed their dedication to the arts by sponsoring a local filmmaker’s first feature-length film. Written and directed by Windsor native Gavin Booth, “The Scarehouse” was released by NBC Universal and opened at Lakeshore Cinemas Oct. 5, 2014.

In September, the firm contributed to the anti-bullying movement through Windsor Pride’s annual fundraising event The Big Reveal 3.

GM&P’s entire team is excited to watch the neurosciences program at Windsor Regional grow and flourish. The firm is exceedingly proud of their contribution to the cause.

“The world of healthcare sciences on a larger scale can certainly benefit from the advancements made [at Windsor Regional Hospital],” said the firm.

Greg Monforton & Partners urges Windsor residents to get involved and make a donation to EUROPRO VERTICAL CLIMB this year to help Windsor Regional Hospital provide the community with the highest calibre healthcare in the nation.

Any contribution makes a difference, and yours can be the one that transforms the future!