Tower Race vs. Vertical Climb Events

The Tower Race event is the fixed distance CN Tower distance (8 loops) run with a timer bib so you will get your time. That would probably take about 30-35 min for the fastest climbers (It is similar to a 5 k race if you only go up , but here you must also come back down).

The Vertical Climb Individual Event you can be in the stairs for up to 2 hours and the number of 'stair loops (13 floors)' is counted with the winner being the greatest number of loops in 2 hours. Participants can take their time with as many breaks as they wish. The previous record is 22 loops.

The Vertical Climb event can also be registered as a team. Each member of the team may climb as many or as few stair loops as they feel capable. The team will be scored by totaling the number of loops climbed by each team member, then dividing the total by the number of members, to give an average score which can be compared to other participant teams.