Zero Harm

There have been so many Zero Harms lately...we cannot keep up.

zero harm

Happy to say that we can celebrate the first Zero Harm of 2021 - achieved at the Met Campus.

We are celebrating another Zero Harm at the Met Campus. That makes our 15th Zero Harm since April 1, 2020! The Harm Index measures the number of preventable harm incidences that occur in our facilities during a given week.

There will be a special draw for 15 gift cards from the following local establishments:

  • Farron's G0urmet Butcher
  • TBQs
  • Mezz0
  • Spag0
  • Franc0's Pizza
  • Oven 360
Please fill out the form below to enter by January 18, 2021. C0ngratulations and Thank Y0u All!!!!


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