You've Got Mail Update

In August 2015, Windsor Regional Hospital launched Office 365 (O365) to provide all staff with the ability to access their email from home or from a smartphone at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at their convenience.

Since this launch, Transform has migrated many of the staff to “O365”. If you were already using remote access, O365 is not required.

Staff who did not have remote access but used Outlook as part of their job at WRH may continue to use the Outlook program at the office but access Outlook 365 offsite from a personal computer or on a personal device.

Staff who do not access Outlook as part of their job responsibilities will use Outlook 365 exclusively.

To assist staff in accessing O365 from their personal devices, we have posted the following instruction on our website:

In addition, Learning Resources has developed the following tip sheets:

O365 FAQ

What is Office 365?

Office 365 or O365, is cloud-based email access. This new email access provides anytime, anywhere access to your hospital email via a smartphone or the internet outside of the hospital.

Why is WRH now providing this new email application?

Based on feedback received and in keeping with our mission to “Deliver an Outstanding Care Experience Driven by a Passionate Commitment to Excellence”, this new access was introduced to provide another tool to our staff with increased email availability outside of the hospital setting.

What does this mean to me?

Previously, email access was only available while at the hospital through the Citrix application. Access to email 24 / 7 outside of the hospital allows you to keep up to date with WRH communications and events easily.

How can I learn to use O365?

The Learning Resources group have prepared a tip sheet that provides information on how to use common email functions in O365.

View the tip sheet.

For more information about use webmail, visit

If you are not currently an Office 365 user and wish to utilize this program outside the hospital, please call the TransForm Service Desk at x7771 to enter a service request for this access.