What They Are Saying About Us

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February 3, 2021

I just wanted to reach out and give a heartfelt thank you to all the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. My father had a day surgery and everything went perfectly. This was the first surgery ever in his life (he's 61), he was naturally very nervous but and everyone went above and beyond for him. Thank you to everyone for their kindness, their compassion, and for the excellent care provided. In light of the covid pandemic, I'm sure many of you are fatigued, and you have days that you feel down. You are all heroes and I want you to know that the work you do is appreciated.

~ A.B.

December 16, 2020
The Doctors who treated me, the Nurses who cared for me, the Clerk's who did all the organizing, the Pharmacy team who set up my medications, the Porters who wheeled me around to my tests, the Endoscopy team who reminded me that this time, I was in the bed and needed to relax and took great care of me during my scope, the Kitchen staff who brought me food when I was starving..... to say the very least, were nothing short of amazing.

~ L.G. Patient


December 6, 2020
My experience at the Windsor Regional Hospital was amazing. all the nurses thank you so much for you care you are all wonderful and should know how great you are.

~ W.B. Patient

November 24, 2020
I visited the Met campus on Monday November 21st for an appointment at the breast health centre. From the time I arrived to the time I departed the staff was kind, caring and helpful. The staff at the breast health centre put all my concerns at ease and made what I thought was going to be a difficult day and appointment better. Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing today and everyday. Keep up the good work.

~ R.M. Patient

November 17, 2020
Excellent services and the staff was very polite and courteous.

~ S.A. Patient

August 18, 2020
I spent 8 weeks at met campus as an OB patient. The nurses were nothing but awesome - always checking in and making sure I had what I needed. Nothing but compassion is what I received while I was there during a scary time. Thank you ladies! I now have a healthy happy 3 month old baby girl. Thank you!

~ S.C. Patient

May 24, 2020 
Your staff was absolutely the most professional, caring and knowledgeable people I could have ever asked for. They were my angels in time’s of near death. I have tried to find the words to thank them and thank you just doesn’t seem enough. They kept there calm and used there knowledge and skill to make sure I made my road to recovery. Never once breaking privacy issues. There was never a day where there wasn’t words of encouragement from the doctors and nurses to our amazing clerks and housekeeping and transporters.

~ A grateful Patient – F.D.

May 22, 2020
We wanted to send a huge thank you to every person that lent their expertise, compassion and professionalism to my husband and myself as we navigated his heart attack and subsequent procedures and testing. We were impressed with the speed and efficiency of the emergency room hand off from Wallaceburg, the Cath Lab staff and 4th floor care. We are grateful for every treatment and every person who assisted him...Please share this Thank you! with your deserving staff.

~ Mark and Lorrie Remington

March 17, 2020
I wanted to send a huge thank you to every person that lent their expertise, compassion and professionalism to my husband and myself as we navigated his heart attack and subsequent procedures and testing. We were impressed with the speed and efficiency of the emergency room hand off from Wallaceburg, the Cath Lab staff and 4th floor care. We are grateful for every treatment and every person who assisted him...Please share this Thank you! with your deserving staff.

~ M & L S, Patient and Spouse

January 15, 2020
I just wanted to commend the entire staff, from my arrival to the completion of my procedure, on the exemplary care I received today!! Truly a very caring place! It is comforting to know that when you are not feeling well, others can be so kind and understanding. You made my world a better place. Thank you from my heart!

~ B.T. Patient

January 4, 2020
Had our second baby girl at Met Hospital this December and the staff made the entire experience incredible. Our nurse for the delivery of both of our girls and she is an angel!!! Felt so at ease the second I found out she would be the nurse helping me through my labor again. What an outstanding group of nurses and doctors in OB Triage. Can’t express my appreciation for you all enough. THANK YOU!!!!!

~ M. Patient

December 25, 2019
From my intake and care in Emergency to my time on 5-North, I was nothing but impressed with the professionalism and the dedication exhibited by the staff. I say this not only with regard to myself, but also with reference to my fellow patients.

~ P.B. Patient

November 8, 2019
I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you to the nurses and doctors in the Emergency Department. My mother needed care the other day. She was treated with "outstanding care" like your motto says. It must be rewarding to be able to assist people in need as your chosen careers. Keep up the great work!

~ H.K. Family Member

October 20, 2019
I just want to quickly say thank you to all the nurses in the OB wing. All of my encounters with the nurses that I had with my daughter and my son was always so helpful and comforting. You all were so positive during birth, after and very supportive with breastfeeding and recovery with my babies. Thank you for the things you all do and I hope you all can continue to see how amazing you all are for doing such hard jobs at times. Thank you so much.

~ V.U. Patient

August 22, 2019
Any nurse related to the baby delivery unit and the NICU is absolutely amazing! Their knowledge and patience is outstanding! We can't say enough. All rockstars!

~ A.V. via Facebook

August 19, 2019

The support from everyone in the hospital was great.  When we were on 4W at MET, we would still get messages from the 8th floor at Ouellette asking how my son was doing.  It was a real family atmosphere.  

~ B.H. Patient’s Father

June 26, 2019

My experience at Met Campus was great.  All the staff from Admission to Discharge were great.  I felt cared for and respected, even the custodian that was cleaning a bed across from me was friendly and warm.

~ A.B. 

May 3, 2019

The 7th floor nursing staff are so kind and professional. I also want to comment on the “My Care Journey App” – it is an invaluable tool for patients. I commend the creators.

~ A.H. Patient

April 16, 2019

Amazing facility- even though very old and in need of quite a few upgrades, the staff (right from housekeeping and maintenance right up to the CEO) and everyone in between goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone who passes through the doors receives the best care possible. I know because I have had many procedures done there.

~ Karen Gunby

March 1, 2019
I was at the hospital today with my 83 year old father who was having a colonoscopy. I want to tell you what great staff you have. Everyone was so pleasant and helpful. They deserve high praise for their compassion, humour and diligence in the very demanding work they do. 

~ Patient

February 1, 2019

I just want to take a moment and thank the staff of the peds unit and outpatient clinic of WRH Met campus. My daughter was a patient in surgery/outpatient. She has spent most of the last year in and out of the inpatient unit and visiting the outpatient clinic for follow ups and appointments. We have received the most wonderful, compassionate care. I can’t say enough good thinks about the nurses, child life specialist, receptionist, porters etc.. for the wonderful care. For making my daughter feel comfortable and make each and every stay a little bit easier. It’s not easy to see your child sick but having the right team on your side sure does make a difference. Again thank you!

~ R.M. (Patient’s Mother)

January 18, 2019

I was in for a Day Surgery Wednesday, January 16th and I just wanted to say that everyone from admissions, to pre-op, to those involved in the operation, were all FANTASTIC! Very kind, considerate, courteous and professional. I haven't been in a hospital for any type of procedure since I was a child and was certainly uneasy about how things were going to go on this occasion. Many thanks for EVERYONE I interacted with there for making the experience as 'easy' as possible!

~ R.N. (Patient)

August 22, 2018
On Wed. Aug. 22, I had surgery at Met Campus with an overnight stay. From the moment I entered Admitting until the moment I left the hospital, I received the greatest of care. Every single employee I encountered was pleasant, efficient and helped me in every way possible. Surgery is never pleasant but your entire staff do their job with the utmost care, knowledge and compassion. My hats off to everyone at WRH Met Campus! 

~ A.A. (Patient)

April 17, 2018
I had Thyroid surgery December 11, 2017 at the Met Campus. Everything from the minute I was admitted was professional and caring. Most impressive was the staff in the POTU unit. They were professional and comforting at a very anxiety-filled time for me. Please let these staff members know that they are appreciated and valued in our community.

~ C.P. (Patient)

March 31, 2018
I recently brought my partner to emergency as he was very ill. I appreciate very much that despite how busy the hospital was for the duration of our visit he received excellent care. I found all the staff that addressed us were gracious with comprehensive explanations, which I found truly helpful. It was the kind nursing team that for the duration of the stay that made a scary and unpleasant situation better.

~J.S. (Patient Family Member)

March 22, 2018
Thank you to the Met Campus staff who offered Patricia compassion, care and dignity.

~FPB (Patient Family member)

December 22, 2017
My dad had a knee replaced done on Monday, December 18. The care that he received was nothing short of outstanding. Everyone that we came into contact with over the last few days (nurses, volunteers, unit clerks, housekeeping, etc) were kind, patient and supportive. My family is very grateful to everyone at WRH for this very positive experience.

J.L (Patient Family Member)

December 2017
I cannot praise the ICU staff enough. A team of angels doing God's work. My mom is receiving the best care on this planet. Thank you.

~A.S. (Patient)

September 2017
My stay at the hospital was such a good one. I was well taken care of over and above I must say. The people (nurses and staff) on the 6th floor were excellent. So kind and patient with me as I was sick for the last few days. Please thank them for me.

~Mr. & Mrs. B (Patient)

March 2017
I would just like to give a big shout out to all of the entire staff of the second floor! I have spent from Friday afternoon pre-assessment for c-section, to my scheduled section on Monday, to my discharge early Wednesday morning! The staff gives the best care to the new moms and their families. I was on my own as my husband was at home with my other two daughters, and felt the compassion that all of the staff gives. Just wanted to say THANK YOU since I personally will not be on your floor again

~J. SU (Patient)

February 16, 2017
We are very thankful for the amazing staff and teamwork in my care of the past few years. The Emergency Room, Cath Lab, Cardiac program and Pacemaker Clinic have been wonderful.

Thanks you and God Bless.
~ K&L.F. (Patient and Spouse)

December 2016
To the incredible staff in ICU, My uncle, was a patient on your floor and passed away. I would like to give a sincere thank you to the amazing staff who made a tragic situation into one that will always be remembered by our family and friends. As a fellow nurse, I understand how stressful patient visitors can become, and in my experience, I have never seen so many family and friends gather in one place to say goodbye and support the immediate family.

Your staff were wonderful, they never complained, were gracious, polite, and knew what my aunt and cousins needed before they even asked. I know my uncle was well taken care of during his stay, always talking to him explaining what they were doing (even though he was unconscious) and he always looked clean and kept, just like he did when he was alive. Your trillium coordinators were great, they were always keeping my aunt posted, and there to offer a hug the last two days when it was really tough for them to continue watching him decline the way he did. Thank you for everything your team did for my uncle and family, you have no idea how much it was appreciated.

November 2016
My daughter was in Windsor last weekend for the OFSAA Girls Basketball Championship. We visited your emergency department both Thursday and Friday to hopefully resolve her issue. Although we were unable to get her well enough to play, the care we received was excellent. Both days all your staff from the volunteers, the triage nurses, through registration, to nursing and finally the MDs were extremely caring, kind and pleasant to deal with. They also tried to "get her back to playing" as fast as they could. You have an amazing team and keep up the good work!! I think your hospital would be a great example of how to do things right!!

~Patient, Barrie, Ontario

November 2016
I wanted to thank all of the exceptional nurses who have had the chance to love and care and snuggle with my son when he needed it. Thank you for accepting that and giving him what he needed. I appreciate all the nurses who put their own lives aside to do all they can do for these perfect helpless little beings. To all the nurses and staff in the NICU Thank you so much for all your help, knowledge and just talking.

~C.R. Patient

October 2016
Thank you to the beyond wonderful Nursing Staff and all the others on the 6th floor. You are all truly amazing people.

~S.W. Patient

March 2016
On March 22 at about 2 am I made my way to OB triage, it's baby time and by 8:54 am our beautiful baby boy was born. The nursing staff, on call OB and just about every other staff member we came into contact with blew my mind. They were all patient, understanding and even managed to make a miserable woman in labour laugh. Once Logan was born we were here a few more nights. Again the nurses we amazing between helping with diaper changes, and making sure I was as comfortable and pain free as they could around the clock. Now here we are again, back for a visit as I had a kidney stone that needed to be removed. I'm beginning to feel like the hospital is home. I used to think it was a scary place to be but now I know all the staff are here to help. I'm comfortable and confident with all the staff. They truly do care and it makes me feel good knowing I am in good hands here!! Thank you to all the staff for all the hard work you do!! It's very appreciated!!

~M.S. Patient

January 2016
I just wanted to thank all of Nurse's in ICU and ER for taking such good care of wife. She was very sick and they helped her get through the final 8 days of her life. I also want to thank them for helping me understand what was wrong with her and allowing me to be with her almost constantly since she was admitted. Because of her outstanding care I can rest now knowing that she did have the best possible care ever.

~D.C. Patient

January 2016
I would like to express my gratitude to the staff. I brought him to the ER (Ouellette Campus) on Jan 5. The medical staff at the counter/Triage 1 were very professional and patient. Every single staff that over saw him were so kind, patient and professional to my father and to me. That might sound exaggerated or hard to believe but it's not. I actually expect people to be uncaring and rude. Especially in an ER/hospital setting because of the high stress and hard work they encounter all day, every day. I was incredibly lucky to meet the staff and team on duty those days. I truly mean it, that every medical staff involved with my father's case was amazing. They showed kindness and caring, from the ER and nurses, resident Physicians, and Doctors in the cardio lab. They all made this terrible event less overwhelming, they comforted me, and eased the stress. I know that "thank you" isn't enough for the work they do. But I hope this message shows how grateful I am. Sincerely,

~ML Patient

January 2016
Went for MRI last week. I was super-impressed by the efficiency of the system and the courtesy shown by the staff! Thank you!

~M.S. Patient

December 2015
May I offer my thanks to the nurses, staff members, and doctors for their excellent service during my recent stay at the hospital.

~BJP, Patient

November 2015
I wanted to say thank you for the excellent care I received during my staff. Your caring and comforting staff was very helpful in my recovery.

~T.C. Patient

November 2015
I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Windsor Regional Hospital on the excellent care I received from the staff at the Ouellette Campus during my recent surgery.  Everyone I came into contact with was welcoming, kind and supportive and we even shared a few laughs to ease my stress. It was reassuring to experience firsthand that your mission statement of “Outstanding Care – No Exceptions is embodied in the members of your organization. As me move toward an increasing emphasis in our new "digital" mega hospital – my hope is that we do not lose sight of the fact that the heart and soul of quality health care is caring people.

~S.B. Patient

October 2015
To the Food and Nutrition staff…..you all collectively have made the entire process a little bit easier. There have been so many days when the bright spot has been my meal tray. Your consistency, efficiency, consideration, helpfulness and pleasing people manner is remarkable! You are appreciated (many of my roomies have offered up positive comments about your wonderful dining ordering system and variety of food) Thank you EVERYONE. You are all so totally amazing. Keep up the A1+ work.

~P.A., Patient Medicine

September 2015
To the Food and Nutrition staff…..you all collectively have made the entire process a little bit easier. There have been so many days when the bright spot has been my meal tray. Your consistency, efficiency, consideration, helpfulness and pleasing people manner is remarkable! You are appreciated (many of my roomies have offered up positive comments about your wonderful dining ordering system and variety of food) Thank you EVERYONE. You are all so totally amazing. Keep up the A1+ work. P.A.,

~Patient Medicine

May 2015
…. wanted to thank all the amazing staff on the eighth floor at Met hospital. Our mom was there for a week at the end of April/early May and she received the type of care that went beyond our expectations! Thank you to the wonderful nurses and student nurses that made our moms hospital stay so wonderful! She tells everyone about all the amazing staff. Thanks again,

~DM and family

February 2015
I had thyroid surgery on February 4, 2015. I was admitted after my surgery for two nights. I had absolutely excellent care by the doctors and all of my nurses and other personnel that I encountered and dealt with. So I send thank you out to the nurses who were with me in the admission, pre-surgical and recovery process as well as those on the 8th floor in POTU and 8 North.

~M.D. Patient

January 2015
An amazing hospital!. Nice staff who listen and give you the comfort you need. Staff at the Ouellette Campus treat their patients with respect and you can see that they sincerely want to help you. You guys are great, keep up the fantastic work.

~Jenn, Patient

December 2014
May I offer my thanks to the nurses, staff members, and doctors for their excellent service during my recent stay at the hospital.

~BJP, Patient

August 2013
The staff of Child Life have been nothing short of amazing these last two years while our daughter has been on treatment. They go above and beyond to make her as comfortable as possible while she is at the hospital for her treatments. Lisa has done an extraordinary job in making Isabella comfortable when giving blood or having her port accessed. Because of her, Isabella went from needing 3-4 people to hold her down to being able to sit by herself with no one holding her to give blood. To us, as her parents, watching her come that far, because of the wonderful work your staff does, means the world to us and we could never repay them enough for what they have done.

~N.I. mother of Paediatric Patient

May 2013
I would just like to express my sincere respect for the staff at WRH. In the past year, I have had the experience of being a patient at the hospital for surgery, and most recently some cortisone shots. The professional and kind attitude from every staff member that I have encountered, has been exceptional. The respect you see amongst colleagues, is then reflected in the same respect they show to the patients! Staff have stopped and asked if I needed help just walking down a hall, looking slightly lost. I can only reflect that this attitude is encouraged from the top down, so a lot of this compliment must be directed to Mr. Musyj. Please accept my thanks for a great experience, if one can say that about a hospital visit, and I truly can. What you have achieved in your level of service is nothing less than exceptional!!!!!! Thank you,

~T.H. Patient

April 2013
From my pre-op assessment, to admitting, to the operating room, to post-op I could not have asked for a better experience. Every person throughout the process could not have been more pleasant, helpful, and caring (even the people who brought me out of my sedated coma…and found good humour that I thought I was at home and needed to get to the hospital….Believe it or not I recall them having a good laugh…..which is a good thing!!).  It may seem like a small thing but the last thing I recall on the operating table was the nurse telling me that I will have a nice sleep and not to worry, that they will take great care of me. What little stress I did have about being “put-out” went away.  I was well cared for by the staff/professionals at WRH.

~JD, Patient

March 2013
Thanks to all the nurses that helped care for my son in the NICU. My son Sebastien was born with a little breathing difficulties. He was brought to NICU and during that time I would have to say he was so loved and nurtured by all around him. I watched as these dedicated nurses took care of my son and others on the floor! Way to Go!! They do deal a lot and are so loving and kind and caring!

~S.C. Family Member

March 2013
I wanted to express my gratitude on the care my mother is getting!!! All the staff at Malden Park are outstanding and have a wonderful bedside manner. I cannot go down the hall with ought passing by a staff member, without being greeted with a smile!!  The nurses work so hard and still have the time to give personal time to the patients - here are some examples: I have seen nurses painting fingernails and grooming the ladies, which I'm sure makes them feel better, taking patients out for coffee, taking patients for a walk outside and making snowballs for some of the younger patience. They have created a community environment and this facility does not feel like a hospital, but a temporary place away from home. Any individual who is a patient here is truly blessed.

~M.S. Patient's daughter

March 2013
I cannot thank the Drs. nurses, and staff enough for making my child's stay at the hospital a pleasant one. You all made him feel very comfortable, during his stay. With the first day giving him a buddy to practice an IV on, toys from the treasure chest, pinwheel for pain, colourings books, books movies, Nintendo DS, games and the ever popular playroom. He never mentioned home once. The staff was gentle happy, courteous and playful. Thank you so much. It made the situation a little more bearable knowing he was never afraid and was completely at ease. God bless you all.

~E.B. Mother, Paediatric Patient

February 2013
Just want to say thank your nursing staff and the doctors that attended to me while I was there for the wonderful care and bedside manners that they had for all patients that were on the 8th floor. They were all amazing.

~M.W. Patient

January 2013
I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to all the Doctors and Nurses and Paramedics on duty on August 23rd, 2012. All the nurses on duty made sure I had everything I needed to make me feel comfortable for the two nights I had to stay with my husband.

I appreciated the wonderful attention they paid to him throughout his terrible ordeal and the efforts that were made to make him as comfortable as they could even when he slipped into a coma.
My sincere thanks to all.
~A.G. Wife of Patient

December 2012
My 91 year old mother was in the hospital for one month. The nurses were very compassionate and caring. She couldn't have been taken care of any better. I salute the nurses of the 6th floor. Thank you to the Nurses on the 6th Floor.

~L.G. Family Member

December 2012
I would like to thank the staff at the ER for promptly attending to me when I had a serious allergic reaction last night! The comfort and care that you provided was enough to give me comfort while I was in a state of panic. Kudos to all of you and keep up the great job!

~Patient – M.L.