WRH Community Garden

A planning team composed of staff and volunteers began the process of preparing for the Windsor Regional Hospital Community Garden in May. The gardens are located at both the Ouellette and Metropolitan campuses, with the vegetables grown being integrated into patient meals.

This year sees a new face joining the fold with Roby Dyck of Natural Lane Farms donating Orgunique organic fertilizer for the garden, as well as offering advice for getting the best results from his products.

This year's garden will feature a plethora of flowers as well as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and leaf lettuce to help supply patients with fresh, local produce. The community garden members are also looking at planting green onions at the Metropolitan site this year to see how the crop will fare.

The planting date for this year's community garden took place on Thursday, May 26.

Volunteers will soon be supplied with their schedules and will work throughout the summer to ensure the health of the garden, as well as to harvest the produce.

To get involved in the Community Garden or for more information, contact Renee Hopes at 519-254-5577 ext.33184 or renee.hopes@wrh.on.ca.

Contact Information

For more information on being a volunteer for WRH's Community Garden please contact:

Renée Hopes
Windsor Regional Hospital, Met and Ouellette Campus
Manager, Volunteer Services and Student Registration
519.973.4411 ext.33184


Nella DeSalvo 

Roby Dyck
Nancy Gibbons 
Pat Hickmott 
Donna Jenner
Jessica Lemmon 
Pat Lescinsky 
Sherri McLeod 
Thomas Maika
Laurie Posliff
Stephanie Truscott 
Jessica Tullio

How It Works

The WRH Community Garden is an opportunity for staff and friends to come together to provide a positive space at each campus for the community. Supported by WRH, the WRH Community Garden is managed and run by volunteers. Tending to the Garden takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays mornings each week during the summer and fall. Plans are to produce tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. These may be used for patient meals and/or will be donated to organizations for those in need.


Community Garden Photos

1st Harvest 

 1st Harvest

1st Harvest 2 

  1st Harvest

 1st Harvest 3

1st Harvest

1st Harvest 4 

1st Harvest

 Planting Day- Met Campus

 Planting Day- Met Campus

Planting Day Ouellette Campus 

 Planting Day -Ouellette Campus

Garden Volunteers 

Garden Volunteers

 Ouellette Campus

Ouellette Campus
John Faber showing watering system


John Faber showing watering system 

2016 Community Garden

Garden 1

garden 2

garden 3

Garden 4Planning For 2016 Community Garden

Garden 5

2016 Planting Day

Planting Day took place on Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 10:00 am at both sites.

Planting Day

The exciting community garden project at Windsor Regional Hospital began in 2015

Back in February 2015, Windsor Regional Hospital sent out an invitation to staff and volunteers interested in planning, planting, caring and harvesting the community gardens at both the Ouellette and Metropolitan campus.

Members of the community met with David Musyj and a group of Windsor Regional Hospital staff to begin the planning process for the gardens. Over 15 men and women were in attendance, each from different walks of life and bringing a wealth of knowledge in farming and agriculture.

The idea was to have two community gardens at both campuses that will provide fresh produce and plants for patients at WRH. Local gardens are a great way to improve users’ health through increased fresh vegetable consumption and provide a means of exercise for those participants. The gardens are also great for combating stress and provide a hands on learning experience for people involved.

In regards to the plants, the garden featured fruit, vegetables that have a high seasonal yield and contain wide variety of benefits. This includes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers.

Written by Kat Tomoski, Public Affairs, Intern