We Are Ready

WRH employees and professional staff share their visions for the future new Windsor-Essex Hospitals System as well examples of how the current aging infrastructure negatively affects hospital patients and visitors.

Jen, Erica and Robert - WRH Guest Services Management Team
Vision: A back of the house pneumatic waste inlet system, dedicated elevators for service groups, and sustainable building materials that stand up to harsh chemicals used to disinfect.


Dr. Caroline Hamm
Vision: Single-site acute care hospital


Kaitlyn Sheehan, Intensive Care Unit
Vision: Appropriate space and privacy for patients in the ICU


Chiara, RN, Cardiac Catheterization Lab
Vision: Quick and seamless transfers of patients from the Emergency Department to Cath lab


Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal, Chief of Oncology, WRH Cancer Centre
Vision: Flexibility to grow and expand and add new cancer treatment programs


Dr. Americo Liolli, Chief of the Department of Anesthesiology
Vision: Single-site acute care hospital with all surgeons and anesthesiologists at the same location


Jennifer Webster, RN
Vision: Large, private rooms with bathrooms and desks for nurses to monitor unstable patients


Kelly Hindermeier, Occupational Therapist
Vision: Adequate treatment and assessment space for patient rehabilitation and wheelchair storage


Erika Vitale, Infection Prevention and Control
Vision: Separate areas for clean and dirty items


Lise, Security Guard
Vision: State-of-the-art security system


Dr. Swati Kulkarni, Medical Oncologist and Clinical Trial Lead in the WRH Cancer Centre
Vision: More treatment rooms and a bigger clinical trial department


Padma Ravi, RN
Vision: Bigger rooms to accommodate patient-centred care


Diane Bradford, Manager, Trauma Program and Injury Prevention
Vision: Safe and visible patient entrances


Marissa Rigg
Vision: Adequate heating and cooling throughout the entire hospital


Dr. Paul Bradford
Vision: New hospital with a helipad


Jennifer Nadalin, Clinical Practice Manager
Vision: Decentralized nursing stations


Linda Morrow
Vision: Vision, Dedicated elevators for patients


Julie Durocher
Vision: Easier access to patient health records


Brittany Genovese, RPN
Vision: More private rooms with plenty of space to care for patients


Daniel Zegrean, Plumber
Vision: State of the art infrastructure with less problems and less downtime


Allison Johnson, Communications Manager
Vision: Ample Parking


Tom Summerfield, Facilities Lead
Vision: Standardization and reliability of equipment


Allison Johnson, Communications Manager
Vision: Improved Wifi Signals

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