United Way



Why give to the United Way? 

Every day, hundreds of patients pass through our Emergency Department doors.

Most, thankfully, go home. But after they leave … do they have the supports they need to stay healthy? Are they eating nutritious food? Can they afford it? Are they struggling with unemployment?

Did you know … one in five people in Windsor and Essex County are living in poverty?
That means one in five people who are more vulnerable to health challenges –mental and physical.

We can make a difference.
By supporting the United Way, you’re supporting programs that feed kids in low-income households. You’re giving families access to nutritious meals. And so much more.

Windsor Regional Hospital is proud to support the United Way and encourages staff to consider even a small monthly donation to help our most vulnerable citizens … because everyone deserves a chance to live a long and healthy life!

For more information on the United Way, visit http://www.weareunited.ca/
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How to Donate:
Look for your United Way pledge card on September 13th in mail slots, on the intranet or on display tables in the vendor area at Met Campus and in the Cafeteria at Ouellette Campus!

Who do I contact for further information?
Steve Erwin
Manager, Government and Community Relations, Corporate Communications
519.254.5577 ext. 33350

or contact the United Way office at 258-3033 or http://www.weareunited.com.