Thank you

Over the last few days, we have watched the events transpire in front of the Ambassador Bridge. Throughout the pandemic, our WPS/EMS/OPP/FIRE and RCMP colleagues have thanked us for our individual and collective service to our community. They have done this with drive-bys of the hospital sites and words of support to name a few shows of support.

See videos below as members of our WRH team say THANK YOU for all of their efforts to keep our community safe!

Dr. Jessica Summerfield


Respiratory Therapy




Adam Paglione, Director of Legal Affairs, Risk Management, Health Information Management and Chief Privacy Officer


Mental Health Department, Ouellette Campus


Day Surgery, Ouellette Campus


Renal Program


Jennifer Nadalin, Operations Manager 4W Oncology


Jacqueline West, Unit Clerk


Decision Support


Emergency Department, Ouellette Campus


Emergency Department, Met Campus


Kit McCann, Lead Nurse Practitioner


Randi St. Onge, Registered Practical Nurse


Sandra Bauer, Registered Nurse


Dr. Jason Meadows, MD & Chief Quality Officer


Steve Erwin, Director of Public Affairs & Communications


David Musyj, President & CEO