Staff Survey - French Language Skills

Windsor Regional Hospital is required by the French Language Services Act to provide services in French to the Francophone population.

Please help us assess our current capacity by completing the survey below.

The information will be used to plan the delivery of services in French.

Based on the definitions provided, please indicate your linguistic abilities for "Oral Skills" and "Written Skills".

French Oral Skills Level Description:

No Proficiency:
  • No ability to communicate in French.
  • Has limited ability to speak – some memorized material on familiar topics related to work.
  • Able to verbalize isolated words and two or three-word expressions (e.g. greetings, expressions of courtesy).
  • Can express simple, unconnected sentences.
  • Limited vocabulary, frequent errors and slow delivery inhibit communication.
  • Has some ability to work in French.
  • Shows some spontaneity in language production, but fluency is uneven and speech is halting.
  • Able to participate in simple conversations on a one-to-one basis.
  • Limited vocabulary – simple, non-technical daily conversational usage.
  • Able to make/answer requests for information or directions and to give simple instructions.
  • Able to participate with some ease in conversations on work-related matters and to express opinions.
  • Can participate in meetings and discussion groups.
  • May still need some assistance with complicated or difficult conversations.
  • Can speak with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on all topics.
  • Able to give verbal presentations in both formal and informal settings.

French Written Skills Level Description:

No Proficiency:
  • No ability to write in French.
  • Able to write a few words, perhaps sentences on work-related topics, maybe with the help of a dictionary.
  • Can complete forms, giving general information (e.g. time and location of meetings) using a standard format.
  • Vocabulary is limited to daily use.
  • Has no practical communicative writing skills.
  • Able to write words and simple sentences.
  • Can make/answer simpler requests for information.
  • Vocabulary is limited to daily use.
  • Often experiences problems with grammar and spelling.
  • Able to meet some practical elementary writing needs.
  • Able to use a variety of sentence types to express general ideas and opinions on non-specialized topics.
  • Can write simple letters and reports, with little grammar and spelling errors.
  • Able to write with some sense of organization and stylistics.
  • Able to express oneself effectively in most formal and informal writing on all topics.
  • Errors in grammar and spelling are minor and infrequent.

French Oral Skills Level

French Written Skills Level

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