Employee Parking & Transportation


Employee parking is available at several different locations identified below. Out of respect for our neighbours, please refrain from parking on the street as space is limited in the neighbourhoods surrounding both hospital campuses.



To access, cancel or register your vehicle with WRH, please complete the WRH Employee Parking Form.



Annual Parking rates are $17.40 per pay or $452.40/year.

Single-use parking option - Ouellette Campus

  • Daily parking is available in the parking deck located at the corner of Erie St. The maximum daily rate is $7.

Single-use parking option - Met Campus

  • Download (iOS - App Store or Android - Google Play) the Passport Canada app to your mobile device and pay $7/visit + a 15 cent convenience fee charged by PassPort Canada.
  • See the flyer for more information about the download process. Please ensure you are using the Canadian version of this app as the American version will not work for this lot.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, you can register your vehicle(s) and a method of payment with the app. This app allows you to pay for parking in Zones all over the City of Windsor.
  • Please enter Zone 3850 into the app each time you park to provide payment.



Staff parking is available in the Shuttle Lot located on Kildare Road, just North of Seneca St. next to Stodgell Baseball Park. The parking lot is located behind the S.W.T. building, and there are plenty of signs to direct those looking for it.

Shuttle Service

The shuttle service is available to those who pay to park in the shuttle lot. Shuttle buses run every 5 to 10 minutes from the lot, with stops at the main lobby entrance and the Cancer Centre entrance.

Shuttle Service Hours

  • Monday to Friday 5:30 AM to 12:00 AM (midnight)

If you have questions or concerns about the Shuttle Experience, please call Fatima Lopes-Barros at ext. 52034.



Swipe access parking is available to staff at the following locations:

  • Lot G - Erie St. E. and Goyeau St. (southeast corner)
  • Lot D - Goyeau St., across from parking garage on Goyeau St.
  • Parking Lot C - Goyeau St., across from the Bell Building.
  • Parking Garage - Erie St. E. and Goyeau St. (northwest corner)

Staff parking is also available in Lot E aka the Viscount Lot (South of the main building, on Ouellette Ave.)

Employees who choose to park in the Viscount Lot must complete one of the following two steps before using the lot otherwise they will be ticketed by parking enforcement.

  1. Register for an Electronic Parking Permit by completing a one-time, WRH Employee Parking Form so your license plate will be on file. Please note: only one license plate can be registered per employee. If you alternate vehicles when driving to work, you may want to consider parking in another lot or use the swipe system described in option 2. 
  2. Please notify Michael Broderick, Manager of Safety, Security, and Parking via email at Michael.Broderick@wrh.on.ca if you change your license plate. Failure to do one of these things could result in a parking ticket from the City of Windsor.
  3. Swipe your employee card in the pay and display machine each time you use the lot and display the ticket you receive on your vehicle dashboard.



Bus passes are available at a discounted rate for WRH employees. If you are interested, please complete the online form.



Bike racks are available at each campus. Maps with bike rack locations are available on the WRH website.



How do I register or cancel parking at WRH?

Please complete and submit the WRH Employee Parking Form to register your vehicle or cancel your parking permit.

Can I register more than one vehicle?

Staff members using the Shuttle Lot at MET and require multiple vehicles to get to work over the course of the year MUST provide a photocopy of the ownership (that includes the license plate) via email to Security Manager Michael Broderick at Michael.Broderick@wrh.on.ca. A second permit will be applied to your name/vehicle in the electronic system only after this has been done.

Staff members using the Viscount lot can only register one license plate.

Can I park in the Main Lot at the Met Campus?

Parking is available to staff working midnights or weekends. Due to limited space, staff may not park in the main parking lot at any other time. This lot is reserved for patients and visitors only and is strictly monitored by security. Any staff exiting the lot will be required to pay and provide their name and the department to security. This information will be shared with Human Resources who will follow up with these individuals.

How is parking enforced at WRH?

Parking is enforced by the City of Windsor who patrols our parking lots on a regular basis throughout the day. Parking infraction tickets are currently $20 per occurrence.

Do I have to pay twice if I work at both campuses?

No, employees who pay for parking can park at either site.

What do I do if I change my license plate?

Please notify Michael Broderick, Manager of Safety, Security, and Parking via email at Michael.Broderick@wrh.on.ca if you change your license plate. Failure to do one of these things could result in a parking ticket from the City of Windsor.

Will a tax receipt be available for those who register for parking?

The parking expense is indicated on a line on your pay stub. Discuss any deduction of parking costs for taxation purposes with your tax advisor or Revenue Canada directly.

Is this just a way for the hospital to make money?

No. Hospital parking revenues fall behind the costs to maintain and service lots at both campuses.

Staff parking fees help cover ongoing cost pressures without passing along these pressures to the patients and visitors we serve. As a result of a Ministry directive, visitor parking rates are frozen at a daily maximum of $7 - among the very lowest in the province.

Who do I contact with questions about parking?

Please refer general questions about parking to Human Resources.
  • Met Campus: ext. 52330
  • Ouellette Campus: ext. 33023