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~City of Roses ED Conference

The City Of Roses 6th Annual Community
Emergency Medicine Conference 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Ciociaro Club 
3745 North Talbot Rd, Oldcastle, Ontario

07:00-17:45 Hours 
Cost: $35 Plus $3.10 Eventbrite Processing Fee

At the end of ‘The City of Roses Sixth Annual Community Emergency Medicine Conference’, the learner should:

- Be able to discuss and review various medical cases which could present to the     
  typical community emergency department from various fields of medicine.

Gain a knowledge of new emergency treatment techniques and medical
  advancements in emergency medicine.

- Gain an appreciation of team management in the health care setting.

Gain an understanding of the support of the acutely/critically ill patient.

Be able to describe advancements in life support and trauma management.

Be able to discuss colleague support and team dynamics in the field of emergency

- Gain an appreciation of the relevance of clear communication and thorough clinical 
  documentation in terms of its effect on patient outcomes during the emergency
  department stay.

Target audience:
The target audience will include emergency physicians, hospitalists, family physicians, specialists, nursing staff, Paramedic staff, medical and nursing students and allied health professionals practicing in the setting of acute care or critical care medicine.