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Earth Hour

This Saturday, March 25 at 8:30pm will mark the 10th annual “Earth Hour”.

Last year, Earth Hour 2016 spanned over 7,000 cities and towns and 178 countries and territories and saw over 400 iconic landmarks go “lights out”. We would like Windsor Regional Hospital to help make this year’s event a little bit bigger!

We are asking that staff turn off any non essential lights, computers and other electrical equipment at 8:30pm (20:30hrs) on Saturday and leave it off for at least one hour.

If you are not scheduled to be at work on Saturday, we encourage you to turn off your lights, computers and non essential electronic equipment before you leave on Friday and participate in earth hour from home!

Did you know:

- Windsor Regional Hospital has set a goal to build a new state of the art hospital that will be LEED certified to gold or platinum standards

- Security at Windsor Regional Hospital regularly turns off non-essential lighting during their patrols through the hospital. While they will continue to do this as part of their regular practice this Saturday, give them a hand and turn off any non essential lights when you leave a room this weekend

- Turning off or unplugging non essential electronics like printers, computers, monitors, microwaves, coffee machines and pencil sharpeners when not in use for long periods can save 5% of your electricity consumption

- Windsor Regional Hospital strives to make improvements to our energy consumption through all construction projects, including the replacement of lighting in the lab at the Met Campus and the Bell Building/nephrology renovations at Ouellette – changing out these light bulbs to high efficiency LED lights will consume 75% less power than traditional lighting

- WRH promotes the use of transit by staff, physicians and volunteers through a partnership with Transit Windsor, which provides discounted prices for monthly bus passes. So far only 10 individuals have registered! Please visit: to sign up!

Windsor Regional Hospital is not alone in celebrating “Earth Hour”. This year, in addition to shutting off all non essential lighting at municipal buildings, the City of Windsor is hosting a free family oriented public party at Charles Clark Square! If you are interested in joining the fun, more information can be found here:  

Together, we can raise awareness of climate change and reduce our own energy consumption.

Visit to register your participation, for more information and for some fun ideas on how to spend Earth Hour.