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Ouellette Campus

 Contact Information
1030 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, ON N9A 1E1

Main Number: 519-254-5577

Admitting: 519-254-5577 ext. 33324

CCU: 519-254-5577 ext. 33504

Emergency: 519-254-5577 ext. 34401

ICU: 519-254-5577 ext. 33100

Outpatient Clinics Goyeau Street: 519-254-5577  ext. 33742

Outpatient Day Surgery: 519-254-5577 ext. 33241

Outpatient Psychiatric: 519-254-5577 ext. 33354

Patient Advocate: 519-254-5577 ext. 34404

Patient Rooms: 519-254-5577 ext. 34422

Public Affairs/Foundation: 519-973-4433

Preadmission Clinic: 519-254-5577 ext. 32490

X-ray Department: 519-254-5577 ext. 33126

Please Note:
Windsor Regional Hospital does not make appointments nor provide medical advice, consultations or referrals over the phone or internet. Please consult your own physician regarding such matters.

   Parking At Ouellette Campus

Click here to view the Windsor Regional Hospital Parking Policy.

Patient Drop-off & Pick-up Areas:
For your convenience, wheelchair-accessible drop-off and pick-up areas are located at the Main Entrance on Goyeau Street, and at the Ouellette Avenue Entrance. Please note that there are time limits for these areas to help prevent traffic congestion, enforced by both the Hospital and the City of Windsor. Please read and obey parking signs in these areas.

Paid Parking:
Paid parking applies to all Hospital parking facilities, including designated handicapped spaces.

Parking rates vary depending on location:

Parking Deck:
The Parking Deck, located on the southwest corner of Erie St. East and Goyeau Street, uses a ‘pay on foot’ payment system. Entrances are located on the west side of the structure off of Erie St. East, and on the southeast corner of the structure off of Goyeau Street. Users receive a bar code ticket upon entry; keep this ticket with you and make payment at one of the automated pay stations located in the elevator lobby on the ground and 3rd floor levels. Exit from the structure requires the paid ticket to be inserted into the exit gate. Payment machines accept coins, bills and credit cards (Visa or MasterCard).

$3.00 for the first hour or portion thereof (a 20 minute no-charge grace period is included in the first hour); $1.00 for each additional half hour  to a maximum of $7 per 24-hour period. Daily ($7), weekly ($30) and 28-day ($90) passes offer unlimited exit and entry. Passes are available at the pay stations on the ground and 3rd floor levels. You may contact Security via intercom for assistance.

Surface Lots:
The Hospital maintains several surface parking lots in the immediate vicinity (see map below). All surface lots use a ‘pay & display’ payment system. Make payment at any machine located in the lot, take the receipt and place it on the vehicle dash so as to be easily seen by enforcement officers. These machines accept coins or credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) only.

    Short-term parking - Emergency Lot and Lot "F" (located south of Goyeau Lobby Entrance) 
    $4 for the first hour
    $3 each additional hour 
    Long-Term Parking - Viscount Lot (located south of hospital off of Ouellette Avenue)  
    $3 for the first hour or portion thereof, $1 for each additional half hour;
    $7 paid at one time provides receipt valid until midnight on date of purchase. 

    Lots C & D are staff only parking.

Long-term parking:
Recognizing that a number of users do so due to family medical issues beyond their control, the Hospital provides discounted long-term parking tokens for use in Lots E & G. Tokens are valid for 17 consecutive hours from time of insertion but no later than midnight on date of use, and are available at the Cashier inside the Hospital, on the 1st floor.

10 tokens for $30

All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Should Hospital lots be full or otherwise unavailable, there are a number of privately-owned surface lots near the Hospital that are open to the public.

Change Machines:
Machines to make change from bills are located in the Hospital cafeteria in the basement and in the Goyeau Lobby beside Admitting. Change is also available at the Cashier on the 1st floor during normal business hours.

The City of Windsor enforces paid parking on Hospital property on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week basis. Provincial offence notices (parking tickets) will be issued to vehicles not properly displaying paid parking receipts, parked improperly or in handicapped spaces. The Hospital also enforces by towing, under City of Windsor by-laws, to deal with repeat offenders or vehicles parked improperly.

Questions regarding parking enforcement can be directed to the Security Manager at ext. 33355 or ext. 33192


Hospital Maps
Link to an interactive map on Google Maps. 

   Directions By Car
Directions from the 401
Take the Dougall Parkway Exit (becomes Dougall Avenue)
Travel north on Dougall Avenue
Dougall Avenue becomes Ouellette Avenue
Stay in the right hand lane on Ouellette Avenue
End at 1030 Ouellette Avenue
(Estimated total time is 10 minutes)

Directions from the Ambassador Bridge
Exit bridge plaza and turn right on Huron Line
Turn east on Wyandotte Street
Turn right onto Ouellette Avenue
End at 1030 Ouellette Ave.
(Estimated Total time is 10 minutes)

Directions from the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel
Exit tunnel plaza and turn left onto Park St.
Turn left onto Ouellette Avenue
End at 1030 Ouellette Avenue
(Estimated total time is 5 minutes)

   Transit Information
Bus Service - Windsor Transit stops at the public entrance of each campus. 
Windsor Transit