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Our Hiring Process

How to Apply

  1. Complete the online application and attach a copy of your resume (MS Word or pdf format only). If you are applying to a job posting on our website, please quote the posting number on the application form.
  2. Your application is immediately received by the appropriate HR Advisor based on the position(s) you apply to.
  3. Applications are kept on file for 6 months. It is not necessary to reapply within that time frame EXCEPT if you have any changes to your application/resume or you are applying to a specific job posting.

Selection of Candidates

  1. The HR Advisor reviews and qualifies your application.
  2. Selected applicants are those whose skills and qualifications most closely meet the requirements of the position. Please ensure when applying for any positions that you have the required qualifications as outlined on the job posting and/or 'Learn More About Healthcare Jobs' section.
  3. Selected applicants will be contacted for applicable testing and interviewing.
  4. The recruitment process may include pre-employment testing to validate skills. ALL candidates are required to complete and pass a ‘Comprehension Test’ in order to be eligible for employment.

Interview Process - What to Expect

  1. Interviews are conducted with a panel of interviewers, typically ranging from 2-6 people.
  2. Interviews are completed in a "Behavioral-Based" methodology. Behavioural interviewing is a standardized interview method designed to elicit information from a job applicant about relevant past behaviour and performance.
  3. The duration of interviews typically lasts from ½ hour – 1 ½ hours
  4. Candidates are requested to bring in at least 3 work related references. References must be from persons who can confirm previous employment and comment on the candidates behaviours in a work environment. Ideally, references should be from persons in a direct reporting relationship, i.e. supervisor, manager, etc. Clearly indicate your working relationship below the names of your references. Personal references are not acceptable.

Interviewing Tips

  1. Arrive early – know where to go and how to get there;
  2. Dress professionally – the way you dress makes a statement about how you present yourself regardless of the position you are being interviewed for;
  3. Research the organization; 
  4. Sell yourself – know your key strengths and be able to give examples of accomplishments and successes; 
  5. Be prepared – anticipate questions and think about responses;
  6. Be sure to contact your references and advise them of a potential call; 
  7. Turn off your cell phone;
  8. Listen carefully and speak clearly;
  9. WRH is a scent free environment so please refrain from wearing any perfumes/body sprays.

Please click below for a ‘Career Coaching’ presentation for further guidance.

NOTE:   All new hires are required to compete a medical examination AND obtain a Criminal Record Check with the Vulnerable Sector Screening as conditions of employment