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Volunteer Services & Student Registration

We welcome your interest in serving as a member of our Volunteer and Student Programs.  Join our team of enthusiastic and devoted volunteers, students and staff members.

General Inquires
Met (519) 254-5577 x52563
Ouellette (519) 519-254-5577 x33673

Become a Volunteer!
Discover the opportunities available through our Volunteer Placement Programs.  For more information visit
Volunteering - How to Apply

Teen Volunteer Opportunities
We provide a wide array of services. Click here for a complete listing

Clinical Student Registration
Learn More about the Non-Nursing Clinical Student registration and placement process.


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Volunteer Services and Student Registration

Metropolitan Campus
Windsor Regional Hospital
1995 Lens Avenue
Windsor, Ontario  N8W 1L9
Phone: (519) 254-5577, Ext. 52563
Fax: (519) 985-2616

Ouellette Campus
Windsor Regional Hospital
1030 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario N9A 1E1
Phone: (519) 254-5577 Ext. 33673
Fax: (519) 255-2126