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Cardio-Pulmonary Diagnostics

EKG is available by pager 792-1860 Monday through Friday from 0700 through 2300 hours. Weekends and holidays from 0700 through 1500 hours.  After hour EKG's are done by critical care RN's they can be reached using the pager number above.

Cardiac Stress Testing Holter Monitoring
Echocardiography Pulmonary Function Testing
EEG'S (Electroencephalography) Pacemaker Analysis
EKG'S (Electrocardiogram)  

Cardiac Stress Testing
Stress testing allows the physician to asses the patient's cardiac status during physical activity.  Patients are monitored while walking on a treadmill for 5 to 15 minutes.  A physician must be present during testing.

Patients should be wearing pants and shoes before leaving their room for the stress test.

Echocardiography is an ultrasound examination of the heart.  Patients are transported to the department for this testing.  Exams on critically ill patients are done at their bedside.

Patients are done by order of priority.  Please inform us if your patient's condition changes and the exam becomes urgent.

EEG'S (Electroencephalography)
An EEG is a recording of the brain waves.  Services are available on Monday's and Thursday's.

Patients are transported to the department for this testing. Critically ill patients have testing done at their bedside.

EKG'S (Electrocardiogram)
EKG also known as ECG, electrocardiogram, 12-lead is a recording of the heart's rhythm.  This test is done at the patient's bedside.

Holter Monitoring
Holter monitoring is primarily an outpatient test.  The holter monitor is worn by the patient for 24 hours.  The heart's rhythm is recorded on a cassette tape during this time.  It is later scanned by the cardio-vascular technologist and reviewed by an internist or cardiologist.

Pulmonary Function Testing
Pulmonary Function Testing allows the physician to assess the capacity and function of the patient's lungs.

This aids in the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive and restrictive lung disease.

Inhaled bronchodialtors should be held for 4 hours before testing.  Testing is done in the Pulmonary Function Lab.  Only partial tests can be done at the bedside.

Pacemaker Analysis
This is now an inpatient service only.  The outpatient pacemaker clinic was transferred to HDGH in March 2002.

Staff in Cardio-Pulmonary will perform a pacemaker analysis on inpatients with pacemakers as required.  It is extremely helpful to the staff if the type of pacemaker the patient has is known.  Patients with pacemakers are instructed to carry a card with this information on it.

Contact Information

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