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Emergency Departments

The Emergency Program provides a full range of services to meet the unscheduled and emergency health care needs for clients of all ages in Windsor and Essex County. 

Our two emergency departments receive more than 130,000 visits each year.

Services include:

  • acute mental health
  • burns / plastics care
  • cardiac care
  • Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM)
  • general medical, surgical, & urologic care
  • hematology
  • HIV
  • infectious diseases care
  • neurology
  • obstetrics / gynaecologic care
  • oncology
  • paediatric care
  • pulmonary care 
  • trauma / resuscitation
  • triage

Emergency care consists of unscheduled emergent and non-emergent care, including:

  • resuscitation, stabilization and, when necessary, facilitation of transfer of critically ill or injured patients
  • examination and treatment, including suturing, gynaecologic examinations and care of fractures and sprains
  • observation of patients prior to release or admission to an inpatient bed
  • counselling related to mental health
  • health teaching and promotion related to medical conditions

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