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Surgical Program


Post-operative care is provided on these two inpatient surgical units.

7 North (Inpatient Surgery II)

7 North is a 16 inpatient bed unit specializing in the delivery of care to patients post gynecological and urological procedures. 7 North also contains an additional 16 bed Long Stay Day Surgery (LSDS) Area.

8 North (Inpatient Surgery I)
8 North is a 24 bed unit and 2 flex beds specializing in the care of patients post orthopedic and general surgery. We also provide care and treatment to patient requiring medical management.

The multidisciplinary team on each unit consists of:

  • Program Managers - responsible for program planning, organizing and controlling resources, and facilitating work flow.
  • Clinical Practice Managers - responsible for clinical practice issues, facilitating orientation and inservicing
  • Charge Nurse - responsible for the day to day coordination of staffing and patient care issues
  • Other team members include unit clerks, nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, clinical nutritionists, chaplains, social work, CCAC, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, infection control, utilization resource coordinators
  • Support services are also provided by diagnostic and laboratory staff
We admit patients from:

  • Our Emergency Department
  • The Community Community
  • Other Acute Care Facilities
  • Rehab and LTC Facilities
  • Various Clinics