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Metropolitan Campus

Contact Information

1995 Lens Avenue,
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 1L9

Information Line: (519) 254-5577

General Inquiries: (519) 254-5577
Emergency: (519) 254-5577, Ext 52222
Public Affairs: (519) 254-5577, Ext 52005

Patient Representative: (519) 254-5577, Ext 52317

Patient Accounts: (519) 257-5118

Lost Articles/Security: (519) 254-5577, Ext 52215

Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation: (519) 254-5577, Ext 52449

Please Note:
Windsor Regional Hospital does not make appointments nor provide medical advice, consultations or referrals over the phone or internet. Please consult your own physician regarding such matters.

  Parking At Metropolitan Campus

Ample visitor parking is available in the main parking lot of the hospital. Parking fees:  The first 20 minutes are free, up to 1 hour is $3, $1.00 each additional half hour to a daily maximimum of $7.00 per day.

There are also two special lots on the east and west sides of the Main Entrance of the Metropolitan Campus. One is designated as a handicapped lot (West) (fee is $2.50 per day) and the other is for mothers with babies (East) (fee is $3.00 per day).  A pay and display machine is available.

The Emergency Services Parking lot (off Byng Road) is a pay-and -display parking lot only. It is only for short term parking to drop off or pick up passengers. You are encouraged to use the main lot if visiting or staying for a longer period of time.

There are clearly designated parking spaces reserved for the handicapped and pink spots available for expectant mothers and caregivers with small children.

Parking along fire routes is illegal and will result in a parking violation ticket.

Patients being admitted for elective surgery are advised to leave their vehicles at home.  For patients who have transported themselves and whose treatment results in hospital admission, it is advisable to have a relative or friend remove the vehicle from the hospital premises.

If returning the same day, please keep receipt to avoid paying over the maximum.

Parking Coupons: If you will be visiting the hospital on a frequent basis, parking coupons are an economical option. The cost is $30.00 for 10 tickets. Available through the Cashier's Office Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Coupons can also be purchased after 4:30 pm and on weekends at the Gift Shop located on the 1st floor of the Metropolitan Campus. Cash only in the Gift Shop.

For more information, contact Erin Link at (519) 254-5577 ext. 52034

Click here to view the Windsor Regional Hospital Parking Policy.


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  Directions By Car
Windsor Regional Hospital is near the major intersection of Walker Road and Tecumseh Road East.
When entering Windsor from the 401 HWY, take either...

Exit to Walker Road (turn left on Lens Avenue) Or

Exit to Detriot via Tunnel (turn right on Tecumseh Road East)

  Transit Information
Bus Service - Windsor Transit stops at the public entrance of each campus. 
Windsor Transit