Windsor Regional Hospital Retirees

MISSION: The Windsor Regional Hospital Retirees Association exists to provide an opportunity for retirees to remain associated with Windsor Regional Hospital for fellowship, information and social activities.

Retirees Association 

Benefits of Membership

Membership privileges include:
  1. Use of Library
  2. Complimentary Parking when taking part in Retiree Activities
  3. Discount for Staff Activities
  4. Invitation to Hospital Events – speakers, open houses, announcements…
  5. Website
  6. Newsletters
  7. Inclusion in Employee Discount programs – Bell Mobility, The Brick etc.

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to all Windsor Regional Hospital retirees and those retired from its predecessor organizations: Metropolitan General, Riverview, Windsor Regional Cancer Centre and Windsor Western.

Associate Membership is open to all those employees who worked for outsourced companies: for example - Angus, Aramark, G4S.

There is no fee to belong to the Windsor Regional Hospital Retirees' Association.

Retiree Promotion Plans.

Retiree Reflections

Linda Turner Proctor:
Worked In: Rehab-32 years
IODE Memorial / Windsor Western

Favourite Memory

I remember the great lengths that we all went to to celebrate the Christmas holiday season. A 4 bed ward room would be cleared out on every unit & the party would begin, from about the 22nd of December to Jan 1st. The food and " refreshments " were aplenty. Who needed a liquor license ??? Everyone would be found going up & down the back stairwell,at all hours of the day or night, going from one unit to another to see which unit had the best food & drink. Julie, and Jimmy would make sure the cafeteria fare was the real thing. The real turkeys & real roast of beef & the best desserts that ever graced the kitchen....and free on Christmas & New Years day. The 70's was a great time to be at Western....always.....but especially at Christmas.

Janet Cuthbert (Thornton)
Worked In: Surgical Floor, Medical Floor, Psyc. Main, Psyc, West, Emergency (when called because of short staffing) Telemetry (called when short staffed) , Rehab, (called when short staffed) Hospital/Campus Worked At: Western and Malden Park

Favourite Memory

Things change in the 14 years that you do not work in the health field. I recall looking for the tin can and bar of soap to give an enema, not being able to find it in the dirty utility room I went to the head nurse and asked where it was kept. She took me into the CLEAN utility room, and at that instant I was mortified to think such an apparatus would be kept in the CLEAN utility room. She then reached up and handed me a fleet. The look on my face was something to behold as she then proceeded to ask me what the matter was. I explained to her and we both had a good laugh.

Sandra Rounding
Worked In: Old 5N & Retired from 7 surgery2
Hospital/Campus Worked At: Met Campus

Favourite Memory

I remember when the OR was on 4main and the recovery room was an oversized ward. I remember when the nursing supervisors would get our blood and drugs and relieve us for breaks on the afternoon and night shift. I also remember when the supervisors called in staff(so nice) and we had a REAL pool of float staff that went anywhere and everywhere..