Zero Harm - By the Numbers

It is a mark of success that never gets old to share as the Met Campus has once again achieved a 'Zero Harm'. The ninth time WRH has had a 'Zero Harm' in 2020.

The Harm Index measures the number of preventable harm incidences that occur in our facilities during a given week. To celebrate this achievement, everyone is invited to complete the following 'quiz'.

Everyone who completes the quiz will be entered into a draw for one (1) of three (3) prizes:

  1. A Zero Gravity Chair
  2. A G0 Pr0 Camera
  3. 100 gift certificate to Mezz0 restaurant


Counting last week, the number of Zero Harms, WRH has achieved in 2020

Zero Harm measures how many criteria?

The goal of “journey is zero” is to have a zero of index of __.


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